SBI WhatsApp number to check the balance

SBI WhatsApp Banking Service: SBI is the largest bank in India. SBI facility keeps launching new services from time to time. Currently, SBI has announced a new feature called SBI WhatsApp Banking Service. Let’s get information about this service in this article.

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SBI WhatsApp Banking Service

Post Name SBI WhatsApp Banking Service

Bank Name State Bank of India (SBI)

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Place India

Benefit Bank Customer

Official website

Information through facility WhatsApp

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Now no need to go to the bank for a mini statement

This facility has been started by the bank for crores of customers of the country to make facility of banking easier for the customers. WhatsApp banking service was announced by SBI through its official Twitter account.

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Benefits of SBI WhatsApp Banking Service

With the help of SBI WhatsApp Banking, customers can easily check their mini statement and bank balance and others. To avail of this facility you have to message +91 9022690226 by typing “HI” from the mobile number registered with the bank, after that you can check the mini statement and balance.

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SBI WhatsApp Banking Service Registration

To avail SBI WhatsApp banking service first you have to register.

For registration you need to type WAREG followed by your bank account number (WAREG A/c No).

Then send this message to 7208933148.

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This message has to be sent from the mobile number you have registered with the bank.

After the registration is done, a confirmation message will come from the State Bank of India WhatsApp number. Then you can avail SBI WhatsApp banking service.

You can avail SBI WhatsApp Banking facility anytime within 24 hours. You can check your account mini statement and bank balance 24*7 hours. Now settle small tasks at home by taking advantage of this facility.

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Faq-SBI WhatsApp number to check the balance

What is SBI Whatsapp Banking Service?

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Whatsapp banking service has been launched by SBI to save time and save the customers of SBI Bank.

Who can avail of SBI Whatsapp Banking Service?

Any customer of the State Bank of India can avail of this facility by registering.

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What is SBI Whatsapp Banking Service Number?

Any customer of SBI can avail of this facility by typing HI on +91 9022690226 after registration.

How many features are currently available in SBI Whatsapp Banking Service?

Currently, only 2 features have been launched on Whatsapp in this service of SBI, in which customers can check mini statements and bank balances.

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Is SBI available on WhatsApp?

Currently SBI offers 9 banking services via Whatsapp. Here is the list of services you can avail via SBI WhatsApp Banking platform. New Delhi: State Bank of India, the country’s largest public sector lender in India, provides a variety of online and mobile services for the convenience of its customers

How can I check my SBI mini statement on WhatsApp?

SBI Mini Statement by Netbanking, Missed Call, SMS, Mobile ...

How to Get SBI Mini Statement through WhatsApp Banking

  1. Accountholders have to add the SBI WhatsApp Banking number +919022690226 in their contacts.
  2. Now search for SBI WhatsApp in your WhatsApp and send “Hi” on the number.
  3. To check account balance, send 1 and to get the SBI mini statement, send 2.

Is SBI WhatsApp banking safe?

SBI Whatsapp banking is one such service. It is safe to use with the end-to-end encrypted model of Whatsapp. The service is safe and easy to use and provides a good variety of services to the customer base across the globe.

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