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The sales industry has undergone many changes over time. The first CRM was created in the mid-90s. It allowed for door-to–door sales to telesales. This allowed us to easily track all our sales activities. These opportunities offer many possibilities. However, customers have high standards and high expectations.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

Salesforce sales cloud can be the best CRM system. Here are some key features that will help you understand how this platform can help you reach your goals.

1. Contact management

View all contact information for every customer account with the sales cloud. Get a complete view of your customer including insight, their deals and how to reach them.

2. Management of Opportunity

You can manage all of your sales transactions even if you are busy with other activities around the globe. It creates instant quotes and streamlines your sales process.

3. Lead management

Lead management is a popular feature in the salesforce sales cloud. This allows you convert more leads in real time opportunities.

4. Dashboards, Reports

Create customized sales forecasting reports quickly and easily with the sales cloud. Monitor the performance and make quick decisions using dashboards and other sales tools.

5. Planning and forecast management

Salesforce sales cloud prediction allows you to forecast revenues and provide detailed forecasting. This provides precise data insights and predictive artificial intelligence to help you make better decisions and increase revenue.

6. Process Automation

Sales cloud allows you automate business processes with drag and drop. This makes it easy to achieve success with simple processes. This makes the process fast and simple.

7. Data management

It is crucial to give the right information to the right people in order to achieve business success. You have the option to choose the type and format of lightning data that suits your business.

Pardot, which is part of Sales Cloud, helps sales reps deliver better.

It’s obvious that every company wants its employees to be productive. Pardot is here to help.

Pardot is smarter and more efficient marketing automation that allows businesses find and nurture the best leads. This allows sales reps and businesses to close more sales deals and increase their business ROI.

Reports and Dashboards

The sales cloud makes it easy for you to create custom sales forecasting reporting. All you have to do is drag and drop the filters, groups, and charts you need.

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