Are you interested in U.S. Cloud Engineer Jobs? Cloud usage is rising due to factors including increased home office usage, thanks to COVID, and advances made in mobile networking. This is a growing need that many computing companies can fulfill.

However applicants searching for jobs in Cloud Computing have a tough task ahead of them due to the sheer number of U.S.-based Cloud Computing companies.

We will be covering this topic. These are just a few of the many opportunities available to cloud engineers.

A brief introduction to cloud computing.

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Ten U.S. Cloud Computing Companies

Below is the list of the best U.S. cloud computing businesses to work for.

1. Amazon Web Services

Companies with over 10,000 employees. AWS was the first cloud computing platform vendor.

2. VMWare

Companies that employ more than 10,000 people. VMWare the global leader of virtual machines.

3. Zymr, Inc

The company is between 50 and 249 people. Zymr (a Silicon Valley company which creates full stack software using cutting-edge open-source technology and Agile development practices) is located in Silicon Valley.

4. IT Svit

IT Svit has been a trusted Big Data service provider for over 50 years. It has more than 60 software engineers, Big Data analysts and DevOps professionals who offer end to end solutions for any type of business project.

5. CodeBright

CodeBright works closely with startups and other non-profits of any size. We assist them with business problems, productivity improvements, automation of business processes, cost reductions, and the introduction of minimal viable products.

6. AWSQuality

Companies from 10 up to 49. Salesforce was already mentioned. Here’s a highly rated Salesforce consulting/development company. AWSQuality works with clients to design, build, and manage Salesforce 1 and solutions.

7. Microsoft

Minimum of 10,000 employees.

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9. Vrinsoft Technology

Vrinsoft’s company size is between 10 – 49. Vrinsoft is an Android developer, iPhone app developer, web designer.NET, PHP. SEO. Graphic designing. Apps available for the iPad, Applewatch, iPhone and Phonegap.

10. Deloitte

Companies with more than 10,000 employees. The company is present in more 80 cities throughout the United States.

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Are you interested in U.S. Cloud Engineer Jobs?

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