Listen To Your Customers. They Will Tell You All About UNIVERSITY OF THE STANFORD

At the moment, the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission (Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission) is closed. Visitor Center has also been closed. All programs, tours, and information sessions that were offered to potential students have been cancelled.

Stanford University is located just 35 miles north of San Francisco and only 20 minutes north from San Jose. It is in the Silicon Valley of Northern California. It houses Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo! and many other innovative tech companies.

About Stanford Best Univercity

Stanford has 8,180 acres. There are 18 inter-disciplinary research centers and seven schools. It is one among the most important US universities.

Stanford University was established by Leland Stanford, an American senator, and Jane Stanford. It was established to promote the public welfare, exert influence for humanity, and civilize the world. They decided to start a university on their family farm in memory of him. It taught both the traditional liberal and technical arts, as well as engineering and technology that were shaping America during the period.

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