Know how many SIM cards are in your name

Know How Many Mobile Numbers are registered on your IDs using TAF COP Portal

Know How Many Mobile Numbers registered on your IDs using TAF COP Portal, The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken several measures to ensure proper allocation of telecom resources by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to subscribers and protect their interests in ensuring reduction of frauds. As per existing guidelines, individual mobile subscribers can register up to nine mobile connections in their name.

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How many SIMs are linked with my Aadhaar?

Check the number of linked SIM with your Aadhaar Number

Visit the website Enter your Aadhaar number here. An OTP will send to you registered mobile number. As you enter the OTP, the list of SIM linked with Aadhaar will open in front of you.

Know How Many Mobile Numbers registered on your IDs using TAF COP Portal

ખૂબ જ કામની વેબસાઈટ

તમારા નામ પર કેટલા સીમ કાર્ડ છે?

અહી તમારો એક જ મોબાઈલ નંબર એન્ટર કરો – તમારા નામ પર જેટલા સીમ હશે તેનું લીસ્ટ બતાવશે

તમારા નામનું સિમકાર્ડ કોઈ બીજું વાપરે તો બંધ પણ કરાવી શકાશે

વધુ વિગત જોવા નીચેની લીંક ઓપન કરો

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TAF COP Portal facilities

  1. Subscribers having more than nine multiple connections in their name will be intimated by SMS.
  2. Subscribers having more than nine multiple connections in their name can – Click here, to take necessary action.
  3. Go check the status Click here to login with your number and enter the “Ticket ID Ref No” in the “Request Status” box.

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How to Know the Number of SIMs on your Name?

  1. To find the Number of SIMs registered on your Names, the You should visit the Official TAFCOP Portal
  2. On the TAP- COP Home Page, the You should enter their 10 digits Mobile Number and click on the Request OTP button.
  3. Next, the You should enter the OTP and validate the OTP by hitting the Validate button.
  4. After validating the OTP, the You will get the List of Mobile Numbers which are registered on your IDs and Name.

If you have more than one Number registered on your Aadhar Number, You can select the Mobile number and track the Report. Or else, block the SIM Card.

Important Link

Know No. Of SIMS on your IDs (

How many SIM numbers are there in my name?

How many mobile numbers can you hold in your name. The website states that a person can hold not more than nine multiple connections in his/her name. In case a person has more than nine multiple connections in his/her name, you will be intimated by SMS. Aadhaar card sim link is mandatory

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The TAF COP Portal has been developed to help subscribers, check the number of mobile connections working in their name, and take necessary action for regularising their additional mobile connections if any. However, the primary responsibility of handling the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) lies with the service providers.

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Is it possible to check SIM owner name?

Choose to Send OTP via SMS or Send OTP via Email if you have access to the registered email address of the SIM card. Once you’ve logged into the app, tap on the ‘My Account’ tab at the bottom of your screen. Under My Account, simply tap on ‘My personal details’ to see the name of the SIM card owner and their address.

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How do I check my SIM registration details?

Or: How can I check whose name and ID was used to register my SIM? If you want to check your registration, please send “REG” to number 500, or dial *979*3*3#. If your SIM cards is registered, you will see the NRIC number of the registered card holder.

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How do I remove extra SIM registration?

In case of any data mismatch, the customer can remove extra SIMs against his/her CNIC by requesting respective operator. Users of all such disowned SIMs are then approached by respective mobile operator to get the SIM registered against his/her CNIC. Otherwise, the same is blocked after 15 days’ time period.

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