Is the Nordstrom Store Credit Card Worth It?

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Do your research to see if this is worth it for you and your spending habits. (GETTY IMAGES) Nordstrom Store

Consumers can earn two points per dollar spent at Nordstrom locations after opening a Nordstrom Credit Card. Shoppers can redeem their points to cover Nordstrom spending and enjoy a few additional perks.

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For the average shopper, a Nordstrom Credit Card is unlikely to be more useful than a solid rewards or cash back credit card. Read on to learn more about how the cards work and other options you can consider.

How the Nordstrom Credit Card Works

TD Bank issues two Nordstrom Visa credit cards: a Visa Signature card and a Visa Platinum card. You can swipe your card in and out of Nordstrom, making these open-loop credit cards. If you cannot qualify for a Visa card, you could still be eligible for the Nordstrom retail credit card. This is a closed-loop credit card, so you can only use it to shop at Nordstrom.

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The card’s rewards program is linked to the Nordy Club, Nordstrom’s rewards program. Cardholders automatically unlock Influencer status, which is the second of four status levels in the program. At this level, you can earn two points per dollar on spending at Nordstrom locations, among other benefits. If you make $5,000 or $15,000 in eligible purchases at Nordstrom within a calendar year, you can upgrade to Ambassador or Icon status, respectively, and earn three points per dollar on Nordstrom spending. Regardless of status level, Visa cardholders earn one point per dollar on spending outside of Nordstrom.

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You can redeem your points for Nordstrom Notes once you have a certain number of points, such as 1,000 points for a $10 Nordstrom Note. Customers can use these notes to cover spending at Nordstrom.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Nordstrom Credit Card?


  • Cardholders automatically unlock benefits in the Nordy Club.
  • Open-loop cards are available.
  • It’s possible to unlock a higher rewards rate on Nordstrom spending, though you’ll have to meet a high spending requirement.


  • The card can charge a high annual percentage rate.
  • You can only redeem points once you reach certain thresholds.
  • There is only one redemption option.

What Other Cards Should You Consider?

Discover it Cash Back

U.S. News named Discover it Cash Back the Best Cash Back Credit Card in the 2023 U.S. News Annual Credit Card Awards. The card offers 5% cash back up to a quarterly maximum on categories that rotate each quarter, plus 1% cash back on all other spending. You must activate these categories each quarter. With this card, you can earn bonus category rewards at a higher rate than with a Nordstrom Credit Card. Plus, you can redeem your cash back to cover all kinds of expenses, not just purchases at a certain store.

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Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card

If you don’t have strong credit, you can consider a card such as the Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card instead of opting for a Nordstrom Credit Card. With this card, you can earn 1.5% unlimited cash back, plus 5% cash back on hotels and rental cars when you book with Capital One Travel. Note that you’ll have to make a security deposit to open an account.

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FAQs About the Nordstrom Credit Cards

Can I Use My Nordstrom Credit Card Anywhere?

If you have a Nordstrom Visa card, you can use it anywhere. However, if you have the Nordstrom retail credit card, you can only use the card to shop at Nordstrom locations.

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How Can You Cancel the Nordstrom Credit Card?

You can cancel your credit card by sending a written notice to Nordstrom at the following address: P.O. Box 6555, Englewood, CO 80155, according to the card agreement. You should also destroy your card. Make sure you’re aware that canceling a card can affect your credit score.

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