Car accidents are frightening and can cause serious injuries. While it is difficult to think about the compensation you might receive from your insurer, it can also be distressing.

Munley Law is here to answer your questions.

Why are you looking for a car wreck lawyer

In the aftermath of a car accident, you may wonder how to get compensation. Our car accidents lawyers will work hard to help you obtain a fair settlement.

Why Munley Law Important

Munley Law’s car accidents lawyers are essential to help you or someone you care for get injured in a collision. U.S. News and World Report listed them as one of the Top Law Firms for the region.

Compensation worth more than $1 billion

Top-rated Car Accident Lawyers with 60+ years’ trial experience are available

Car accidents lawyers understand that fighting an insurance company on its own is not easy. Experienced car accident lawyers can help you every day.

No Settlement Fees, No Fees – This Is Our Promise to Yours

Our failure to deliver results in your case regarding a car accident is not our fault. No fees are charged for personal injury cases that are not won.

Can I Recover Financial Compensation for My Car Accident?

We aid victims of car accidents to file personal injuries lawsuits to recover damages.

Future and Current Medical Bills

Munley Law’s car accident lawyers can help get you compensation for past, future, or current medical bills.

Loss to Earning Capacity

An injury sustained in a vehicle accident can render you unable to work. We will go to great lengths to ensure you receive the right compensation from insurance companies.

The car accident lawyer at will assist you immediately following your accident to receive compensation for lost future income and wages.

Rehabilitation and therapy

Many injuries can be caused car accidents.

  • Whiplash
  • Neck Injuries
  • Bruising/Contusions
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Internal bleeding

You may need long-term medical attention, including rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Emotional distress as well as mental anguish

Car accidents can cause much more than injuries. They can cause psychological distress and mental anguish, as well as physical injuries.

Loss of Daily Activities

The effects of a serious car accident on an injured person can cause them to lose interest or withdraw from social interaction.

Loss Of Consortium/ Loss Of Companionship

If you are badly injured in an auto accident, you may lose consortium. It refers to the inability to show affection or love.

Our clients have the option to file wrongful Death claims against the at-fault driver. In order to secure future security and justice, this is done.

Car Accident Injuries

Car crashes can cause serious, even fatal injuries.

Traumatic brain injury- A car accident might cause traumatic brain injuries. The brain can sustain permanent damage if it is not treated properly.

Broken Bones Car crashes can cause broken bones and injuries to the bones of the body. Broken bones may also result in internal damage that may need multiple surgeries.

Neck, back and neck injuries from car accidents. These injuries can cause chronic pain and prevent you working.

Lacerations and Scarring Brokenglass can cause cuts, lacerations, and even death.

What our Car Accident Lawyer could do for you

It is always better not to go to court if you have to deal with legal matters like signing a contract, or handling an estate.

An experienced guide will help you navigate your car accident claim.

Hear your Story

Munley Law gives you the opportunity to meet with a lawyer for free. The goal of the consultation is to answer all your questions and assess your case.

Investigate Your Car Accident

Munley Law personal injury lawyers work closely to police, investigators and professionals reconstructionists to fully understand what happened during your accident.

Prove Negligence

The negligence of the other driver must be proved by your personal injury lawyers in order for you to win justice.

  • Duties- The plaintiff owed to the defendant a duty. All accident victims must drive their cars in a safe manner.
  • Breach — It is necessary that the defendant proves that they violated their duties and/or acted with reckless disregard.
  • Causation – A defendant must prove that you suffered injuries as a result of their actions.
  • Damages. We must prove that your injuries cause you economic or other damages.

Calculate the damages

Your legal team can work with experts in order to determine the full amount of your damages. This will ensure your legal team works with experts to determine the full extent of your damages.

Talk to the Insurance Company

Munley Legal has decades-long experience representing victims of car accident injuries.

Testimonials: Fight for You

Should the defendant’s insurer refuse to settle, We will proceed to trial.

How do I protect myself after a car wreck?

img alt=”Man uses mobile phone to blur background of car accident.” src=”×200.jpg”/>What you do after a car accident is important in proving fault for your car accident case. These are some things you should remember to protect your claim.

Request a duplicate of the accident investigation report. The report will include all information regarding the accident. It will also contain the opinions of police about who was responsible.

Call your insurance agent. Let them be aware that you were in an accident with injuries.

Keep track and keep track of all expenses that result from an accident. This includes medical costs, lost work time, and damage to your property.

Keep track of all your appointments. This means you should see your doctor as soon as possible after a car wreck.

If an insurance company offers you a settlement, do not accept it without speaking with us. Munley law, a car accident lawyer in San Francisco, can assist you in negotiating a settlement.

Talk to a Car accident lawyer today to find out your rights.

A car crash can be terrifying and stressful. Munley Law can help with your case.

Munley has the experience to help if you or someone that you care about are injured in a vehicle accident.

For a free consultation, call us now or fill in our online form.

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