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Graphic Design

We live in an ever-evolving world. This is especially true considering the rapid technological and social changes we’re living through. Branding and graphic design are not immune to change and trends and tend to coexist with them. Staying informed is the key to staying relevant to your audience.

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So if you’re keen to stay ahead of the curve and see what graphic design trends 2023 has in store, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss 7 graphic design trends that will most definitely influence the coming year, with plenty of examples to illustrate.

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Motion graphics (animated logos)

Meta logo in motion

The only way to succeed in the growing battle for attention is to stand out. Thus, many companies have attempted to find the best way to increase their brand recognition and identity.

One of the most interesting ways designers have come up with was to add dimension to something as simple as their logo!

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A well-animated logo is no novice, but in the following year, we are anticipating it will expand even more. It is an important trend because it gives the sense that the company is more innovative, current and unique. 

It can also be a way to tell the audience a story about themselves within a matter of a few seconds. The iconic Meta logo is an example of animation, where the company created the new symbol as a constant loop that morphs and takes on varied meanings depending on the viewer’s viewpoint point.

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Motion design of our client’s logo — Furious Avocado

A motion designer can use a variety of visual effects to spice up a static logo including morphing the logo, rotating the logo, animating 3D elements of the logo, and more. A well-animated logo can really help to make your brand stand out from the crowd in this competitive space.

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Our loading screen uses motion graphics of our logo — codeart.

Distorted typography

Design by Simon Birky Hartmann

In general, the goal of a font is to be as clear and readable as possible, and often that happens best when the reader doesn’t even notice it. In contrast, trends in 2023 are becoming more and more attached to distorted fonts that border on complete illegibility.

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The use of grain, noise, and texture in graphic design is even more eye-popping, especially for the Gen Z audience. Whether it’s letters tied into knots or glitch-fissioned fonts, distorted typography gives an off-beat aspect to typography. When talking about distorted fonts, there aren’t any rules, as you can stretch, twist, contour, or squash typography without any limit and be experimental with typography.

TikTok Logo

It’s a popular style for type-based logos for tattoo studios, breweries, and posters. The TikTok logo is a great example of the use of the glitch effect applied to the musical note sign, showing the vibrating and the power of music.

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Return of classic serif fonts

Serif fonts will also be making a comeback in 2023, which has its origins in the 15th century. After years of minimalist designs, we will see a return to more traditional and classic design elements.

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Vintage narrow serifs have a timeless appeal, with a height that feels stately and a thinness that feels delicate. As a result, they come across as both strong and gentle. Additionally, many of these typefaces will contain minor flourishes to break up their homogeneities, such as italicized letters, looping descenders, and decorative ears and terminals. The result is a font trend that keeps designs classy and classic while still managing to surprise viewers with elegant touches of personality.

Our packaging design for our client Fantastic Escapade

This kind of font is best used for newspapers and books, although there are now many more options that can be used such as logo concepts, creative social media posts, modern websites, and blog posts.

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This type of font is often chosen and works well in packaging design, it stands out and is easy to read. The feel is warmer and hints at a personal touch to the packaging.

3D design elements

Using a 3D technique is among the most engaging graphic design trends, so this style and the use of three-dimensional design elements and typography will keep on evolving. The three-dimensional design brings a sense of realism to your graphic design.

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Our work for Furious Avocado

3D illustrations can be used for different designs like websites, applications, posters, logos, etc. They help make the visual part more exciting for the viewer and are often paired with animation that makes elements come to life.

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Additionally, three-dimensional typography can add an extra level of depth and dimensionality to a design. It’s now possible to simulate any typeface in 3D, from slim and powerful to scripts and minimal serif. You don’t need to be some expert in rendering, you can try this style by adding more depth, shadows and textures into your creative work.

Example by Roman Klčo

Retro: Rewind to the 60s, 70s & 80s

If you’re a 60s, 70s or 80s child at heart, you’ll be happy to know that retro design is alive and trending in 2023. Since making a comeback in 2019, the retro graphic design trend has dominated the design space, popping up everywhere from industrial, interior and graphic design to social media and pop culture. Retro style aims to recreate the nostalgic memory of drawing with felt-tip markers.

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Best One Yet Visual Elements by Dan Lehman

The simplicity of the line art lends itself to a cartoonish style (like thick outlines and rubber hose limbs), which is why the trend is a natural fit for more light-hearted projects.

And because these drawings are so minimal, they can handle ultra-bright colors without overwhelming the viewer.

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To enhance the retro effect, many designers pair these illustrations with throwback bubble fonts and design features reminiscent of vintage magazine ads, such as oval borders and starburst stickers.

Packaging design for our client


Brutal Stationery Mockups by Margaret Lunina

This design style is inspired by the architectural movement of the same name and shares many of the same characteristics, such as an emphasis on functionality and plainness.

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Brutalism in graphic design is a trend that features big, heavy modern fonts, futuristic and heterotopic visuals, monochromatic color schemes, and photography with graphic elements. It’s quite niche and won’t be liked by everyone. But if you’re looking to make a bold statement with your design, this could be the style for you.

Poster design

This style features:

  • Exposure of materials — concrete for architecture, the default, unstyled HTML for websites
  • Monochromatic color schemes in black, white, and grey, often with a single pop of color.
  • An emphasis on bare functionality, devoid of decoration
  • Modular, repeated design elements
  • Graphic elements like heavy lines, tape designs comped with plastic wrappers, rugged posters, and aluminium foil.

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AI-Generated Art

Ai Generated Art by styleWish

As AI-generated art begins to take its place in the world of graphic design, it’s worth taking a closer look at what this technology is capable of.

To create AI art, artists use artificial intelligence software as a tool in the creative process.

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This is done with an algorithm that analyses thousands of images online for the software to learn about creating art and replicate the process behind it.

Art generated with DALL E mini by Boris Dayma

However, there is a lot of fear among artists that AI will eventually replace them, but they can never truly replace the emotional connection and creativity that human-made art provides. In the right hands, most creative minds will mold AI and harness it to produce work we’ve never seen before.

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Using an AI art generator can help you enhance your skills and take your art to the next level. As graphic designers, we always strive for self-improvement and stay up-to-date with the latest design trends. AI undoubtedly can help us with:

  • Enhance your skills
  • Generating Ideas
  • Save time
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Play with your imagination

These are just a few of the many graphic design trends that we will see in 2023. We have chosen these, because we believe they represent another fascinating stage in the development of design. Graphic design has a close relationship with the general audience since they serves as a tool for mass communication. And these trends offer a unique outlet for each target audience.

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Some brands are already using many of these trends to stay on top of the game. We recommend for all brands to try out a handful of these emerging trends to start, then see where they will lead you.

What do you think about these graphic design trends in 2023? Are you excited about these trends or not? Comment your favorite trend below!

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