Earn $10 per View, $100 a day, and $3000 per Month with this Site

This blog post is gonna be amazing for everyone. Whether you are a writer, doctor, engineer, artist, or therapist. humanitarian, mathematicians, you can make on average $3000 per month by working on this site. And what is the work that you have to do to earn money on this site? Almost nothing except posting your old documents. You all have completed a certain level of education — graduation, post-graduation or you might be still a student. Whatever your level is, I am sure you have some old notes still saved on your computer. You have to post your old on this site and you will get $10 per view as per the site’s claim. Even if you do not have any notes saved on your computer, no worries, you can create them now.

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Ok, let me share what site/platform I am talking about. The site name is studypool.

Note: Do not directly jump to the site. Keep some patience and read the post till the end so that you didn’t disappoint and nor caught by frustration. I will share everything about the site and how it works, how to begin, and different methods to make money on this site.

What is Studypool?
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Studypool is an educational platform for students and tutors. The platform focuses on student help. Thus, the platform of the studypool community consists of students and tutors. You can make money whether you are a student or tutor.

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How to join Studypool?

It’s simple as signing up for studypool. Go to chrome browser, search studypool, open their site, and click on signup. Add your credentials and you are in. You are signed up as a student or a simple user. If you want to join as a tutor. You have to apply for their tutor program. But if you don’t want to join as a tutor you can still make money. How? Read the below section.

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What are the methods to earn money on Studypool?

There are two ways to earn money on studypool.

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1 – Sell Notes/ Documents

The first and most reliable method to earn money on studypool is by selling old notes. As have signed up for their site. You will see an option “sell docs” on their sites. Go to the “sell docs” option and post your notes/documents there. As per the platform claim you can earn $10 when someone views your document. Who will see that document? Obviously, students who are looking for notes on their subject will view your documents. The amount I have mentioned in the title is an average estimation. As the platform claim to pay $10 per view, so, for instant your notes are viewed by a minimum of 10 students per day, you can make $100 a day without doing anything and can make $3000 per month. Many people claim that they earn even more on studypool as passive money.

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2 – Tutoring

The second method is to teach students. Because this platform is made for students. So there is a big community of students on the site who search for teachers to get help on their subject. You can become an online tutor and set your rates. The platform claims that you can earn $7500 per money by tutoring on the site.

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How to post and create notes?

If you already have some old notes you can post to the site. The method is simple. Go to “sell docs,” write a title, choose a tag, and click post. If you don’t have any notes. You can make simple notes on MS word, make presentations, or post. You don’t need to write books on the subject. Create a one-page note on a question and upload it. Even you can make a handwritten note, click a picture of that and post it on the site.

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Final Thought!

You can visit the site and explore it. $10 per view and $7500 per month is the platform claim. I am not talking in the air. This platform is good for both: students and teachers. Plus, it’s good for active and passive income. By selling notes you can make passive income, and by tutoring, you can make active income.

You can teach on any subject, maths, arts, writing, medical, nursing, and many more. You can upload notes on any subject. The best thing is it’s easy to use the platform and is 100% authentic. To know about the authenticity of the site, go or search a bit on the internet, and you will find how people are fond of this platform. I hope, this post provides you with valuable information, encourages you, and will help you in making your passive and active income stream.

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