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Over the years, there have been many innovations in sales. In the middle of the 1990s, the first CRM was developed. This allowed salespeople to go door-to-door, as well as telesales. This allowed us the ability to track every aspect of our sales activities. There are many options. However customers have high expectations.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

Salesforce salescloud can be the best CRM tool.

1. Management accounts and contacts

With sales cloud, all customers can be viewed. This allows you to view a complete customer picture, including insights and details about the deals that they are involved in.

2. Management of Opportunity

Manage your sales transactions from anywhere.

3. Lead management

Lead management is an important feature of salesforce. Lead management allows you turn more leads in real-time.

4. Dashboards and Reports

With sales cloud, it is easy to create custom-made sales forecasting and reports. You will also be able to monitor the performance your team with dashboards, other sales tools, or make quick decisions.

Pipeline, forecast management

Salesforce Sales Cloud Forecasting allows you accurately forecast revenues and provide comprehensive forecasting.

6. Process Automation

Sales cloud allows users to automate their business processes through drag and dropping. This makes it simple and fast.

7. Data management

Data is key to business success. Select the lightning data type that best suits your business.

Pardot helps sales reps better serve

It is evident that every company wants its staff to be successful. Pardot joins the fray to show you how to ensure your salespeople are more productive, profitable, and increase your sales pipeline.

Pardot, smarter and more efficient than traditional marketing automation, allows businesses the ability to find and nurture their best leads. This allows sales representatives to close more deals, and boosts their business’ ROI.


The sales cloud makes creating custom sales forecasting reports easy. All you need to do is drag the appropriate categories, filters and groups onto the dashboard.

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