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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

How to make Quick Avgolemono Soup (Greek Lemon Soup)

  How to make Quick Avgolemono Soup 

This classic soup is great to make. And it's a pleasure to drink this in a slightly warmer season. This soup can be made very well by using lemon in Greek Salina Chicken Soup.  

The combination of egg and lemon in this soup is very good. The combination of these is very good in this classic recipe. So this is Chicken Avgolemo Soup. 

Avgo-wha? Ah-vo-LEMEN-o, or at least that's how I remember the Greeks at the local diner in New Jersey saying it. The "g" isn't at all time pronounced.  

An Easy Avgolemono Recipe 

Like gumbo, goulash, or chili, there are great versions of  the this soup. Some, like this one, have bits of chicken in the  them. Some start with a whole chicken and to the take hours. A few have nothing more than chicken broth and to  the egg-lemon sauce. Most, still , have a starch such as rice or orzo pasta.      

The key to avgolemono is the egg-lemon sauce.

It is what makes this version of chicken soup special. What starts as a pretty ordinary mix of chicken, onions, pasta, and broth becomes silky, tangy, and unforgettable.

Ingredients for soup; 

two  tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

one  cup chopped onion

1/2 cup orzo, or rice

five  cups chicken stock

one  cup water

one  pound skinless chicken breast, diced

Kosher salt

three  large eggs

three  tablespoons lemon juice

Fresh parsley, for garnish

Method for soup ; 

 step; 1 Saute the onions:

Heat the olive oil in a medium pot and saute the onion over medium-high heat until it's soft and translucent, around four  to five  minutes.

step ; 2 Cook the orzo or rice:

While to the onion is cooking, bring else pot of  the salted water to a boil and adding to  the orzo or rice. Cook according to package advice .  


step 3; Add the chicken stock to the onion:

When the onion is ready, add the chicken stock and to the water and to the  bring to a bare simmer. 


step; 4 Drain the orzo or rice and add to the stock and onion:

When the orzo or rice is closely   done—firm, but mostly cooked —drain the steaming water and adding to  the pasta or rice to the chicken broth.

step ; 5 Add the diced chicken breast: 

Adding  the chicken and let cook five  to eight  minutes, then taste the soup for salt.    

review to maker sure to  the chicken is cooked ended  by pulling a slice out and to the making sure there is no pink left inside. If not, keep up to cook until the chicken is cooked ended .     

 step ; 6  Temper the eggs: 

Beat the eggs in a bowl. Whisking at all time , add to the lemon juice to the eggs. You will be demand to temper the eggs ahead you adding  the egg-lemon blend to the soup. It grab both hands to do this.    

step;7  Whisk the tempered eggs into soup and serve:

Turn  to the heat off  to the soup. Whisk the soup with one hand while you pour the hot egg-lemon blend in to the with the another .   

Serve at once, beautiful with parsley.   


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