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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Should pregnant women not keep fasting, know what experts say

 Should pregnant women not keep fasting, know what experts say

During gestation, croaks  Suggest to  the expectant mama to the  eat fitness  food and the  take fluids or fruits at  the frequent intervals. So that  the baby growing in the womb gets aliment.   


 The medications for Karva Chauth are nearly over. Women who observe a fast for the long life of their misters have also completed medications for fasting and sargi. But still there are some apprehensions  an regarding to  the fast. Among them, the women who are dieting for  an the first time on the  Karva Chauth, they're alive about it. At the same time, there are some questions in the  her mind as well, who's pregnant and is keeping a arid fast of Karva Chauth. clearly the timing of gestation is grueling . In such a case, any kind of neglectfulness can beget problems. That is why let us know from the experts that whether we should keep nirjala presto in gestation or not!  

 still, also it's important to consult a croaker about this, If you're also pregnant and want to keep this fast. During gestation, croakers suggest to  the expectant mama to the  eat fitness  food and the  take an  fluids or fruits at the  frequent intervals. So that the to baby growing in  to the womb gets aliment.   

 Ritu Sethi, Director and Gynecologist, The Aura Clinic says that the time of gestation is veritably delicate and it's veritably important to take care of your health init. However, also they shouldn't keep Nirjala presto, If women also want to gormandize during gestation. Because doing so can lead to acidity. This can beget them to heave and feel dizzy. So they must keep on consuming fruits and  the authorities. So that she takes care of the  herself and her baby.    

 FlashBack these important effects during fasting during gestation 

 1. Consult a croaker

 still, also she should first communicate her croaker , If any pregnant woman wants to keep presto. Because the croaker knows the condition of the case better than the case. In some people, the condition is serious or veritably critical in gestation. In such a situation, fasting can increase the threat for them and the child to be born. That is why they're asked to pay maximum attention to their diet. 

2. Give enough space to the protein in 2 sargi 

 Take slow carb in the food( sargi) eaten before daylight. Due to and that  you don't feel hunger and the thirst for a long time and  the energy remains in the body. For this, you can consume quinoa, lentils, picked lentils, green vegetables , fruits, high protein diet, dry fruits because they take a long time to the digest and you feel  a full.   

 Along with this, don't consume fast carb foods like sweets, authorities, bakery particulars and fried fried effects. Because by doing this you'll feel empty and thirsty veritably snappily. 


 3 . Rest is essential 

 During gestation, croakers as well as  suggest  to the  take rest, because due to the not eating anything during the fast, weakness starts in the  women. To avoid a  weakness, they must be  sleep for 3- 4 hours in a day and at the same time they're advised to avoid talking too much, moving around and doing further work. So that their energy remains.   

 4 . Do not stress 

 Pregnant women should be happy in Karva Chauth presto and keep down from stress. Because stress reduces a person's energy. However, it can pose a threat to both you and your baby, If you take stress.  

5 . Pay attention to the fetus too 

 During the fasting of Karva Chauth, occasionally the movements of the baby are felt too little or too much, also in such a situation you should consult a croaker .  occasionally during fasting, symptoms like dizziness, stomach pain, puking are felt, all these are due to the lack of water in the body. So keep taking fluids every formerly in a while. 

 how to open fast 

 Keep in mind that while breaking the fast, you don't have to eat too important food at formerly. First break the fast with water and the fresh juice. You shouldn't take a effects like tea and coffee because it can lead to the  acidity. You keep consuming a little liquid and behind  that  eat a little food.

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