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Friday, September 23, 2022

Top 9 traits to charm the crowd: Be a better public speaker

 Top 9  traits to charm the crowd: Be a better public speaker

Start off with a story, your story!

Push a funny story into the presentation and watch the magic happen, the audience will love that, and you will grab their attention in return. But not all of public speaking is about story telling! The public likes a few personal flavors  so add a bit of your personal touch to the topic, this is true. But here are a few more ways to sharpen your skills!

1. Grab attention at the beginning

Well, none of us would like to listen if we start the discussion with “today I am going to talk about…” rather, if I start it with a quotation, a song or a poem, it will bring more attention.

2. Play with the tone of your voice

Voice has a serious part to play in the speech. Work on your voice modulation, as some speakers use high pitch with huge energy while talking about an idea while resorting to a low pitch when explaining the rest.

3. Study the content first

“Study the content” here doesn’t mean memorizing the topic; it means researching the topic and understanding it. And that will make your personality shine because if you memorize the topic, it will sound boring.

4. Be confident: Overcome your nervousness.

Being nervous is understandable, but you have to learn how to overcome that. People feel nervous and give reactions like trembling and sweaty hands and intense heartbeat before or during the speech. Let it be; try to relax and do not let this feeling worsen your speech delivery; you can still do wonders, believe in yourself and give your best.

5. Do not stand still

To keep the audience’s attention, you need to keep moving; standing at the same place would be boring; our eyes follow movement so the audience will watch-your every act.

6. Pause when required

Pausing adds weight and wisdom to the delivery of your speech to the audience. When you pause in between, it makes the audience listen keenly.

7. Good body language

Fear of public speaking can make you feel nervous, and that affects your body language negatively, maintain good eye contact, and move in a way so that it looks natural. Do not stare at the ground or at the sky, avoid putting your hands in the pocket or at the back, feel free and act natural.

8. Rehearse before you deliver

Another trick to mastering public speaking is practice. When you practice, you find a better phrase which further improves your speech.

9. Give it a magnetic end

Conclude the speech with a summary of your speech or a strong statement so that it leaves a lasting impression and the audience remembers it.

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