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Friday, September 16, 2022

Tired and sluggish post Holi? Follow these 8 tips to cope up with festival blues

 Tired and sluggish post Holi? Follow these 8 tips to cope up with festival blues

Feeling drained out after a jubilee festivity is normal. But rather of counting on coffee to get relieve of post Holi fatigue, try these tips. 
 perhaps it’s the colour, but I ’m not sure why I simply feel tired and sluggish after playing Holi. Can you also relate to me? perhaps utmost of you can. Well, Holi is one of the most awaited carnivals in India and the stylish thing about the jubilee is that you can escape anything by saying “ Bura na mano Holi hai ”. And so you enjoy this jubilee with all your heart. From songs, dance to food and colours, everything is fair when it comes to Holi. But when the festivity ends, we all feel tired and sleepy. So what can you do to get relieve ofpost-Holi fatigue? 

 Why do people feel dizzy after Holi? 

 Dr Shah said, “ There are numerous people who tend to have substances like bhang or alcohol during Holi, and end up feeling dizzy and tired the coming day. Not only this, but one will also feel tired, nauseated, and get a headache. So, one will have a leftover the coming day. ” 

 So, then are 8 tips that can fuel your fatigue post Holi in an effective way 

1 . Drink bomb water 

 Those who tend to have a leftover, need to drink bomb water that can help in rehydration or indeed buttermilk( chaas) that can be soothing for the stomach. Bhang, thandai or alcohol will dehydrate you, and you may have an worried stomach so avoid them. 

 2. Stay doused 

 Try to hydrate yourself by drinking enough water that will flush out the poisons from the system. Avoid coffee because having a coffee can be a bad idea as you can have a sick stomach. This is so because the coffee will dehydrate the body. 

3. Eat a healthy breakfast 

 An empty stomach the coming day after a leftover can make you feel nauseated. So, eat a healthy breakfast rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost the energy situations. 
 4. Consume fruits and veggies 

 Eat a lot of fruits like watermelon, banana, apple or oranges and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and beetroot the coming day as they're high in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants thus will fight intoxication and ameliorate the vulnerable system alongside keeping you energetic as well. 
 5. Take a warm shower 

 Take a warm shower to rejuvenate yourself the coming day after the leftover. In fact, taking it before going to bed can ameliorate your sleep. 

 6. Eat these foods 

 To get relieve of the languor and frazzle post Holi, consume foods like legumes, seeds, nuts, yoghurt, dates, or oats. Because these foods are high in protein, fibre bobby , iron, vitamins and all the other energy product nutrients they will help you beat languor and ameliorate your overall health. Ql 

7. Sleep well 

 Due to the constant fun during the jubilee, the energy position of the body drops. To get back on track you need a cure of energy and that you can get through a good night’s sleep. A low energy position is also a sign of lack of sleep. So sleep well, and give your body and mind rest. 
 8. Have a good drill 

To boost your energy situations post Holi, have a good drill routine. Working out will help you feel more energetic and is great to reduce fatigue. Do some stretching and strengthening exercises or a low impact drill similar as yoga, tai ki and pilates to get relieve of the fatigue presto. 
 So ladies, follow these tips and say bye bye to post jubileefatigue!v

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