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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Is your hair dry even after conditioning? If so, follow these home remedies

Is your hair dry even after conditioning? If so, follow these home remedies

Do you feel your hair dry even behind conditioning? If so, you demand to the  use these home medicine for your dry and damaged hair to  nourished and moisturised them properly! 

Your hair demand  protein and that moisturizer to the stay nourished and smooth. So whenever they are deprived of these two things, they will be become dry and that damaged. But are you supply enough protein to your hair and nourishing them regularly, and still they are dry? If so, you should know that there are many reasons for this. as well as , if you are looking for a blend , you can turn to some home remedies that can support to manage dry and frizzy hair.  
Why is your hair dry even behind conditioning?

Dr Kapoor says, “Dry hair is one of the biggest hair woes of  the most women. Sometimes even behind you have been using the right conditioning products, the hair can feel dry and the damaged. This is worrisome and that  can be because of various reasons.   

Read reasons why your hair is dry even behind conditioning: 

1. Low or high hair porosity

2. Product build-ups

3. Washing hair with hot water too often

4. Seasonal changes

5. Deposit of hard water or chlorinated water on the scalp or hair

6. Unprotected use of styling products such as gels, hair foams, curling products, etc.

7. Using the wrong type of shampoo or  an shampoo containing harmful products such as sulfate and parabens etc.

8. Not drinking enough water. Water hydrates and moisturizes the hair and the products that we use such as hair butter, oils, etc. just lock the moisture in.

9. Not washing your hair often. Once a hair wash week is a must.

Here are home remedies for dry hair:

1. Natural oil

Use natural oils and hair butter such as whipped mango, shea butter, etc that act as sealants.

2. Detoxify your hair

Adopt a clarifying routine to remove the product build up.

3. Condition

Deep condition your hair to the  boost the protein and moisture level.
4. Moisturize

Moisturize your hair stably  . Use a lotion in the morning and spray your hair with water at night.   

5. Drink more water

Drinking water is a blend to your so many  more issue involve dry hair. Drinking enough water a day will be  keep your hair nourished and hydrated, removing the dryness and roughness from the hair.

Apart from this, use these home medicine advice by Dr Kapoor:

1. Aloe vera leave-in conditioner

You can as well as use a leave-in conditioner. For dry hair use natural aloe vera gel as a leave-in conditioner post shampoo as a spray. 

2. Aloe vera hair mask

Mix some aloe vera gel, with honey and coconut oil and apply ahead shampooing. Leave it for 30 minutes and that  wash with stably  shampoo and conditioner.      

3. DIY shampoo

Make your own clarifying shampoo using ¼ cup of potato flour, 2 cups of water, and 2 teaspoons of appeal cider vinegar. Heat water and flour in a pan and mix well and let it warm for all over 15 minutes. delete and cool and add the apple cider vinegar. Pour in a bottle and use it in location of your stably shampoo.       

4. Use egg

Mix one egg with two tablespoons of olive oil and appeal it on damp hair and leave for 20 minutes and wash as usual.  

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