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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Hair breaking from the middle? Here’s how to fix it

 Hair breaking from the middle? Here’s how to fix it

Your hair can make or break your look. thus , it is effortful if your hair is breaking from the middle itself!  


On some days your hair just refuses to look presentable. While we dream of hair like Rapunzel, our hair looks like that of Medusa. Another hair woe that adds up to our sad tale is the  hair breaking from the middle. And that  to top it off, those annoying tiny hair strands keep popping up like transmitters on your head!


Dryness of hair, constant heat styling, or  an washing them too often is the culprit for this hair issue . Amongst many reasons for it, lack of hair supply is a  that great one.   


Dr Nivedita Dadu, a renowned dermatologist, spoke to HealthShots all over lack of  the hair elasticity and  that  how to fix this issue from the root.    


“Hair elasticity is the hair’s ability to stretch and  that return to the  its original shape. Hair strands are made up of  the protein and that  moisture, and the balance between the two determines their elasticity. If your hair is  that brittle, doesn’t curl up to the even half its original curl size and snaps as soon as you stretch it, then it lacks moisture and has low elasticity. This means it demand a lot of nourishment and care.” says Dr Dadu, who is as well as the founder and chairman of Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic.  


Here are some tips to better the elasticity of hair and prevent hair breaking from the middle: 

1. Avoid excessive use of styling tools

Be it a dryer or a straightener, these styling tools are all the  heat-intensive. The heat released from these tools saps the natural moisture from your hair, making it dry and susceptible to harm . To ignore this, limit the usage of styling tools if  your hair is that  breaking from the middle.         

2. Apply Protein treatment

“Protein surgery are a great option for fixing the hair elasticity, supply tresses with ample hydration and strengthening the hair from the shaft,” says Dr Dadu.     

Apply protein treatment all over once or twice a month for significant results. It will be  create your hair soft, strengthen its shaft and as well as make it possible for your hair to  the stretch without breaking. ignore supply your hair a protein treatment more than every six weeks.              


3. Deep condition your hair regularly

With a polluted climate , extreme use of the  styling tools and the day-to-day wear and tear that happens to the hair, it’s most  to deep situation the locks no less than twice a month. It will be supply the tresses the moisture that they demand , better their texture, add shine and lustre and increase the hair’s elasticity.      

4 . better your diet 

If you want your skin and that hair to be fitness , you demand to supply your body the nutrition it requires. Eating the right foods will be  not just  a better hair elasticity, but can as well as strengthen the tresses.              

Dr Dadu advice including foods high in  the protein, such as eggs and meat in your diet to nourish your hair. Foods containing omega – 3 fatty acids can as well as nurture your hair, so involve  salmon and nuts in  the your diet as well.         


If you’re the  experiencing major hair breakage, try to abide by these hair care rules. Eat a fitness diet, stay hydrated and that  keep that hair straightener away to the let your hair recover. 


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