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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Kumkum Bhindi: The New Wonder Crop of Uttar Pradesh

 Everything You Need To Know About Kumkum Bhindi: The New Wonder Crop of Uttar Pradesh

The Red Lady Finger, or Kumkum Bhindi, has been gaining immense fashionability in recent times, and we're then to tell you why. 
 This new Indian variety of the conventional green lady cutlet is chock-full of nutrients and comes with multitudinous health benefits that the generally set up green variety lacks. This wonder crop is being cultivated in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The Kumkum bhindi is believed to have the eventuality to double the income of Indian growers. There are more intriguing data about this new wonder crop – scroll down to learn further. 

 Nutritive value 

 As suggested by experts, the red lady cutlet has 94 per cent polyunsaturated fat that helps reduce bad cholesterol. It contains 66 per cent sodium, which is precious in controlling blood pressure and has 21 per cent iron – a salutary supplement for individualities with Anemia. It further contains 5 per cent protein, keeping the metabolic system performing well. Kumkum bhindi is also rich in the Vitamin B complex alongside crude fibre, and together they help in controlling sugar. 
 Price of the red lady cutlet 

 Still, you'll have to pay commodity between Rs, If you wish to buy this variety of ladyfinger from the noncommercial request. 45 to 80 per kilogram, as the price varies with the demand and product. On the other hand, the price of the conventional green variety will only bring you betweenRs. 12 to 15 per kilogram. The striking difference in price is largely responsible for people viewing it as asuper-food. 
 The ideal season for cultivating Kumkum Bhindi 

 The perfect time for sowing this red variety of ladyfinger begins in February and lasts till the alternate or third week of April. One can also sow it eventually around November; still, it's essential to note the growth rate in December and January will be comparatively less, but you can anticipate the shops to bear crop from February, and it'll be available till October or November. You can also get a good price for early crops. 

 From where should you buy seeds of Kumkum Bhindi? 

 You can find the seeds of this red variety of ladyfinger online. Look out for the seeds one-commerce websites like Amazon, Seed2plant, Indiamart, and Flipkart. Buy them online and gather your own Kumkum bhindi at home. 

 So what are you staying for? Rush to the request and give this wonder crop a pass.

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