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Monday, August 1, 2022

What to do if you get a message saying that the lottery is on? Know RBI's warning

What to do if you get a message saying that the lottery is on? Know RBI's warning

RBI has released a booklet called BE AWARE and that supply details all over the tricks faker try to cheat people. One of them is lottery scam.

  • RBI has released a booklet called BE AWARE
  • Thugs try various tricks to cheat people
  • What is this lottery scam, know how scammers do it

Humans have a tendency to not be happy with as much as they get or as much as they have. Same thing happens with money. Till today there is no privet who is happy and satisfied with the amount of case he has in savings. As soon as case is earned, the temptation to earn more and more case is awakened and how good it would be to get money without any work or effort, such between often come to the mind.

Many more public go down the path of gambling and buying lotteries because of such thinking . Cheaters take advantage of our similar mentality. If you have a mobile phone, you must have guessed that at many times there are messages or calls in and that a stranger says that you have won a lottery worth millions of rupees and that you are a lucky winner.
Nowadays, in the era of robotic and internet, it has become simple to earn case , it has as well as become simple for making to cheat money sitting at home. In such a situation, thugs keep making such messages and calls by understanding the mentality of people to earn more case sitting at home. Reserve Bank of India i.e. RBI has as well as loses a booklet named BE AWARE about how such crooks are cleverly false people, in which they have given details about the tricks that the crooks use to cheat people. One of them is lottery scam.

Let's see what these lottery scams are, how faker cheat and what RBI has warned you to avoid
- faker tell you via phone, message or email that you have won a huge lottery - if you are at
all interested If you have it, it knows your full name and if there is a mail, it as well as asks for your digit .
- Then some website asks you to provide bank information , credit or debit card information with your name digit or asks you for all these information between a message.
- Many times such faker say that to get the lottery price you have to pay the rate tax first and the price of that tax is much less than the rate of the lottery.
- Many times such fraudsters also try to trick you by using the name of a bank representative, RBI official or a well-known agency .
- Thagara demands a action fee or charge for convey such a large amount to the bank, if not as tax. - If you have won a lottery
worth 5-10-20 lakhs , then they need a action fee of 4-5 thousand. - Once this convey is made, the scammer leaves with the case and the lottery case is never reclaim .

What to do to avoid
- If you have never bought any lottery or filled the details in any projects and get a call from such a stranger, realize that this is a fraud call.
- Suppose you have supply your information around , then the privet who calls you and asks for your name, ask him that I have won the lottery , then look in your record and say my name.
- If someone asks you for your bank account digit or credit or debit card digit , don't share it even if by mistake. Mobile digit must be not be shared as far as possible.
- If you collected a message or email about winning the lottery , never respond to it.
- Never share your bank quota digit if someone calls you posing as a bank official. beyond with your name in the bank's complex , the officer knows your bank account digit by seeing it in the complex .
- RBI official will be never call you upfront to pay tax. You have to file the income tax come again yourself.

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