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Friday, August 12, 2022

Lok Sabha Passes Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 - All You Need to Know

Lok Sabha Passes Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 - All You Need to Know

Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022:

 Lok Sabha on 8th August 2022 passed the Energy Conservation Amendment Bill 2022. The bill is aimed at shorten the use of fossil fuel-based energy and promoting the use of non-fossil sources of energy. The Bill will be permit the central authority to use non-fossil energy sources involve Green Hydrogen and Biomass Ethanol as sources of fuel to meet the energy demand of the nation .

The bill was begin in the lower house of the Parliament by Union Power Minister K Singh. While seeking the help of organ of the House, Power Minister hailed theEnergy Conservation Amendment Bill as "the bill for the future.” The amendments being proposed in the bill are ask to strengthen India’s commitment towards climate change. Following these remarks, Lok Sabha passed the Bill, and rejected some amendments proposed by the enmity .  

What are the Key Objectives of Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022?

The key objective of the Energy upkeep (Amendment) Bill 2022 is to abate the nation fossil fuel power consumption. The secondary objective is to growth India’s Carbon market to enable trade and boost the adoption of clean technology and better in power planning . 
Key Provisions of Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022

The key provisions of theEnergy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 enable the central authority  to specify norms and standards of energy efficiency. between the bill, the central authority  has setup the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). In addition to this, the bill as well as allow the authority  to issue energy savings certificates and penalize consumers who utilize more than   energy. The bill will be enable the authority  to penalize violations by industrial units or vessels, and making if a wheels fails to agency with fuel consumption norms. 

The key changes that have been added to the Energy keep (Amendment) Bill 2022 and that  was passed by Lok Sabha involve :

Mandate use of non-fossil sources, including Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia, Biomass and Ethanol for energy and feedstock
Setup Carbon Markets in India and set rules and provisions for Carbon Trading projects 
Expand the coverage of the Energy Conservation Regime to Large Residential Buildings 
Empower State authority to enforce lower load thresholds
Define scope Prescribe Consumption level for Energy Conservation Building Code  
Define energy consumption level for wheels and vessels
Manage and expand the membership of BEE Governing Council
permit State Electricity Regulatory Commissions for smooth discharge of its functions  

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