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Monday, August 15, 2022

Digilocker on WhatsApp: How you can access Digilocker Services on WhatsApp?

 Digi locker on Whats-app: How you can access Digi locker Services on Whats-app?

Digi locker comes to Whats App: The citizens of India will be now be able to access Digi-locker kindness on Whats App between the My Gov Help desk. The Digi-locker kindness involve making and authenticating the account and as well as facilitate the downloading of important paper such as driving license, wheels registration document , PAN card, among others. A release announcing the Digi-locker kindness on Whats-app stated that the My-gov support desk on Whats-app is a great step to ensure that the governance and the authority kindness are at the fingertips of the citizens. The help-desk will be provider great kindness for citizen support and for ensuring efficient governance.

What is Digi-locker Service?

Digi-locker kindness is a flagship program of the Ministry of Electronics and details Technology and it comes under the Digital India Program of the Central authority . The objective of Digi-locker kindness is to supply digital better to the citizens. The kindness support in simple access to all the digital paper to the citizen’s digital document wallet.

Why Digi-locker service has been made available on Whats-app?

During the pandemic, Whats-app has played a significant role in offering kindness to the people by support them download the vaccination certificate. The Introduction of Digi-locker kindness on Whats-app is an extension of the administrative kindness to citizens for accessing essential documents simple .

Almost 100 million public are already record on Digi-locker kindness that better India to move toward digital better .

Digi-locker comes to Whats-app: List of documents that can be downloaded through Digi-locker on Whats-app

1. Pan Card

2. Driving License 3. CBSE Class X Passing Certificate 4. Vehicle Registration Certificate 5. Insurance Policy- Two Wheeler 6. Class X marksheet 7. Class XII Marksheet
8. Insurance Policy paper (Life and Non-Life available on Digi locker)

Digi locker on Whats App: How to access Digi locker service on Whats App?

Step 1: Users will be demand to send a message ‘Hi or Namaste or Digi-locker’ on the Whats-app digit 9013151515

Step 2: The user will be collected the paper to be downloaded from Digi-locker such as the driver’s license, PAN Card and the wheels registration certificate over Whats-app.

Step 3: In the last step, the paper will be saved on the Digi locker

My-gov Help desk on Whats-app

My Gov Help-desk on Whats-app as begin in March 2020 and it fast became a critical instrument in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. My-gov help-desk on Whats-app offered authentic coronavirus-related details , information all over vaccine centers, covid vaccine booking details and vaccine certificate downloads.

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