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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Top 10 Best Selling Motorcycles (Bikes) in India 2022

 Top 10 Best Selling Motorcycles (Bikes) in India 2022

Overall two-wheeler sales in the nation for the month of May 2022 stood at 12,53,187 units, with motorcycles consider for a great – 8,19,940 units. In collation to April 2022’s digit (11,48,696 units), overall growth is only over nine percent, even so , motorcycle dealing have grown by over 11 percent (7,35,360 units in April 2022).

We’ve listed out the motorcycles and that were among the Top 10 dealing in May 2022. Read on to know more. 

1. Hero Splendor - 2,62,249 units

amazing , it’s the Hero Splendor that topped the sales chart in May, with 2,62,249 units sold. The Splendor Plus models consider for 2,28,495 units, while the larger-engined Splendor iSmart and Super Splendor consider for 33,754-unit sales. collate to the last month, all over Splendor dealing were up by over 12 rate (2,34,085 units).

2. Hero HF Deluxe - 1,27,330 units

Right after the Splendor is other Hero commuter motorcycle, the HF Deluxe. The Hero HF Deluxe went home to 1,27,330 buyers, and that was 26 rate more than what the bike head last month (1,00,601-unit sales in April 2022). The motorcycle is priced from Rs 56,070 and goes up to Rs 64,520 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

3. Honda CB Shine - 1,19,765 units 

Honda’s sole typical in this list is the CB Shine, and that close third in the May 2022 deal chart with 1,19,765-unit dealing . This marks a dealing spike of 13 rate month-on-month (1,05,413 units in April 2022). The Honda Shine range is priced uniting Rs 76,314-80,314 (ex-showroom, Delhi). 

4. Bajaj Pulsar - 69,241 units

The first motorcycle on this list and that isn’t a commuter is Bajaj’s Pulsar. The Pulsar range of motorcycles sold 69,241 units in May 2022, which represents a growth of 50 percent over last month (46,040 units). Bajaj’s Pulsar range latest involved of the Pulsar 125, Pulsar 150, NS125, NS160, NS200, RS200, N250 and F250 copy and they are rate uniting Rs 88,902 and Rs 1,44,979 (ex-showroom, Delhi). 

5. Royal Enfield Classic 350 - 29,959 units

Royal Enfield’s venerable Classic 350 grabs a spot in the Top 5 in this month’s dealing chart. The cruiser found 29,959 takers in May 2022, and that marks an eight percent decline collate to last month’s 32,575-unit sales. In terms of rate , the Royal Enfield Classic 350 range starts at Rs 1,90,092 and goes up to Rs 2,21,297 (ex-showroom, Delhi). 

6. Hero Glamour - 28,363 units 

The third Hero in May’s Top 10 dealing list is the Glamour, and that sold 28,363 units. The Glamour’s deal saw an uptick of over 36 percent month-on-month (20,796 units in April 2022). There are latest three versions on sale – the Glamour, the new Glamour and the Glamour XTEC – and they are rate uniting Rs 76,500-87,520.

7. TVS Apache - 27,044 units 

The Apache range of motorcycles came seventh this month, along with being the highest dealing TVS copy . A total of 27,044 units were sold in May 2022, collate to the 7,342 units sold in April 2022 (a 268 percent uptick). A point to note, these figures just take into account the RTR series models (160 2V, 160 4V, 180, 165RP and 200 4V) and not the Apache RR310. The TVS Apache RTR copy are priced uniting Rs 1,12,940-1,45,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi). 

8. Bajaj Platina - 17,336 units 

Bajaj’s Platina travel found 17,336 units costumer in May 2022, marking a 55.91 percent reduce over last month’s figures (39,316 units). The Platina is to hand in two many – Platina 100 (Rs 61,152) and Platina 110 (Rs 69,216).

9. Yamaha FZ - 15,068 units 

The only Yamaha motorcycle in this month’s Top 10 charts was the FZ, and that found 15,068 takers. contrast to last month, the FZ’s dealing are down eight rate (April 2022: 16,508 units). The Yamaha FZ range consists of the level FZ, FZ-S, FZ-X, FZ 25 and FZS 25. rate for the FZ range start at Rs 1,12,700 and go up to Rs 1,49,100 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

10. TVS Sport - 11,818 units 


The TVS Sport close the Top 10 dealing list for May 2022 by selling 11,818 units, creating a nine percent decline over the previous month (April 2022: 12,995 units). The TVS Sport is to hand in two versions – Kick start (Rs 60,130) and Self start (Rs 66,493, both ex-showroom, Delhi). 

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