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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

NDMA Guidelines: How to stay safe before and after from Cyclones

 NDMA Guidelines: How to stay safe before and after from Cyclones 

Cyclone: Do's & Dont's

Before the Cyclone season:

  • review the house; secure loose tiles and carry out repairs of doors and windows

  • delete dead branches or dying trees nearby to the house; anchor delete device such as lumber piles, movable tin sheets, movable bricks, garbage cans, sign-boards etc. and that can fly in strong winds

  • remain some wooden boards swift so that glass opening can be get on  if demand 

  • remain a hurricane beacon filled with kerosene, battery work torches and enough dry cells

  • Demolish criticize place 

  • remain some extra batteries for transistors
  • remain some dry non-perishable food at all times ready for use in crisis 

Necessary actions

The actions that demand to be taken in the event of a cyclone threat can as a rule be sunder into :

  • at once ahead the cyclone mellow 
  • When cyclone alerts and warnings are convey 
  • When exit are guide 
  • When the cyclone has cover  the coast

When the Cyclone starts

  • Listen to the radio (All India Radio stations give climate warnings).
  • remain monitoring the warnings. This will  be support you arrange for a cyclone crisis .

  • Pass the details to another .

  • forget rumors and do not spread them; this will be  support to avoid panic sate .

  • trust  in the official details 

  • When a cyclone awake is on for your place continue simple working but stay awake to the radio alarm .

  • Stay awake for the next 24 hours as a cyclone alert means that the trouble is within 24 hours.

When your area is under cyclone warning get away from low-lying beaches or other low-lying areas close to the coast

  • Leave early ahead your way to high deck or shelter gets  flooded
  • Do not delay and run the risk of being marooned
  • If your house is securely built on high ground take shelter in the safe part of the house. even so , if asked to evacuate do not hesitate to leave the location .
  • Board up glass opening or put storm shutters in location .
  • Provide strong suitable help for outside doors.
  • If you do not have wooden boards handy, paste paper strips on glasses to prevent splinters. However, this may not avoid breaking opening .
  • Get extra food, and that can be eaten without cooking. Store extra drinking water in suitably covered vessels.
  • If you have to evacuate the house move your valuable articles to upper floors to minimize flood harmful .
  • Ensure that your hurricane lantern, torches or other crisis lights are in working condition and keep them handy.
  • Small and forget things, and that can fly in strong winds, must be stored safely in a room.
  • Be sure that a window and door can be opened only on the side opposite to the one facing the wind.
  • Make provision for children and adults requiring for most diet.
  • If the centre of the cyclone is passing directly over your house there will be a lull in the wind and rain lasting for half an hour or so. During this time do not go out; because immediately after that, very strong winds will  be blow from the opposite place .
  • Switch off the electrical mains in your house.
  • Remain calm.

During a cyclone

 DO NOT venture out even when the winds appear to calm down. The 'eye' of the cyclone might be passing. Winds might intensify and gush again and cause damage. Be safe inside till it is officially announced that the cyclone has passed.

When Evacuation is instructed

  • Pack essentials for yourself and your family to last a few days. These must include medicines, special food for babies and kinds or elders.
  • Head for the proper shelter or evacuation points indicated for your area.
  • Do not worry about your property
  • At the shelter follow instructions of the person in charge.
  • Remain in the shelter until you are details to leave

Post-cyclone measures

  • You must remain in the shelter until details that you can return to your home.
  • You must get inoculated against diseases at once .
  • Strictly ongoing any forget  and dangling wires from lamp posts.
  • If you have to drive, do drive carefully.
  • Clear debris from your premises immediately.
  • report the correct losses to appropriate authorities.

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