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Monday, July 11, 2022

Fruit Sandwich Recipe: Give Healthy Fruit Sandwiches to Kids at Lunch Box, Easy to Make

 Fruit Sandwich Recipe: Give Healthy Fruit Sandwiches to Kids at Lunch Box, Easy to Make

This fruit sandwich is a super fitness and delicious recipe, made with bread, recurring fresh fruits, and fruit jam made in less than 10 minutes. It is a great breakfast or behind -school snack concept for your children .

I had never heard of Fruit Sandwich until I locate it in my office cafeteria when I used to work in aware India. They normally privier a grilled fruit sandwich, my go-to early .meal or evening much in the office. It's filling and fitness . 

I of late begin cretin this for my daughter's evening much , and she loves it. This is a no-fire cooking recipe, so your kid can make up this sandwich myself .

Fruit Sandwich Ingredients

Bread slices: apply brown or end grain bread for a well selected .

Fruit jam: use homemade or store-bought jam. I as well as apply like to use my homemade strawberry chia jam or pineapple jam.

Fruits: I have apply bananas, strawberries, and apples. You can as well as use fruits like kiwi, and papaya.

How to Make Fruit Sandwich

Cut the recurring fruit into thin piece and keep them give up .

Take two bread piece and apply fruit jam to the bread.

Firstly place the banana piece in a single layer succeed get strawberries and apples.

Tips & Variations

apply brown or multigrain bread for all right selected .

You can recover fruit jam with cream cheese or mayonnaise.

You can as well as grill or toast sandwiches. I love even the grilled sort .

You can apply  any one  currying fruits like mango, papaya, kiwi, chickoo for this recipe. Try to avoid watery fruits like watermelon, oranges and that  can make the bread soggy.

Fruit sandwich making a filling snacks ,just cut the fruits, apply cream to the bread piece , and collect the sandwich. child's love this sandwich due to its sweet taste. So if your kids are not fond of fruits , this is the best way to design them eat.

You can add any type of non-citrus fruits to this sandwich.So if you are see for something all right for kids, this is the best  lunch box ideas or munch for your kids.You can pack them with any fruits This sandwich is boost from Japanese cuisine.If you have never had a Japanese Fruit Sandwich, try it. 


1 cup (240ml) heavy whipped cream

4 thin slices Bread




Directions|| How to prepare fruit sandwiches

Put heavy cream and sugar in a bowl of an automatic mixer and whip until forming hard peaks

or you can ready made cool whipped cream

Spread some whipped cream on one side of two slices of bread (not too thin, but not too thick).

Place fruits on the two piece of bread. Put one layer of piece fruits over cream on the bread.

Spread some more cream over fruits. Place other pieces of bread on top of the cream. 

Wrap the sandwiches with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

delete  the plastic. Cut crusts out and cut the sandwich into 4 pieces diagonally to make trine figure . 

You can pack these sandwiches in kids lunch box.

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