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Friday, July 29, 2022

Apple to launch second AR/MR headset in 2025: Know more

 Apple to launch second AR/MR headset in 2025: Know more

Apple is likely to begin another augmented reality (AR) in 2025 that will be more budget than the one the tech giant is set to begin in 2023. The later begin AR headset will be join the metaverse race, a famed Apple columnist stated today.

An search who is named Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that the iPhone maker will be begin a higher-doing and lower-cost AR headset variant in 2025.

"The second-age Apple AR/MR may have high-end and more-cheap models, and that will be begin in 1H25, and component provider will be start shipping in 2H24," he said in a post on Medium.

"The high ASP 'Pancake' lens is the key optical component of Apple AR/MR, rightly affecting the visual affairs and form factor making ," he added.

even so to Kuo, Apple AR/MR shipments may reach 10 million units as soon as 2025 or 2026, thanks to the second-age Apple AR/MR maker division strategy and ecosystem.

The first-age Apple AR/MR Pancake lens provider are Genius (main supplier) and Young Optics (second supplier).

The first-generation Apple AR/MR will be adopt two 3P 'Pancake' syllables (one for each eye), report of to Kuo.

The total cost of the Pancake lenses is all over $30-$40, roughly similar to 20 high-end 7P lenses.

"It supply a new growth driver for Apple's optical supply chain in the medium and long term. The cost of the second-age Pancake lenses will be likely increase to better the visual affairs and form factor design," he noted.

Apple is await to AR headset in January next year, as the buzz all over metaverse gains steam.

The tech giant is as well as reportedly planning to begin Reality OS for its headset.

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