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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

10 Famous Hockey Players from India 2022

 Famous Hockey Players from India 2022

Hockey is a popular sport that is emerging day by day. It is extant great heights where the game is recognized on state level and international levels. review the Best Indian Hockey Players in 2022.

There are many tournaments in hockey that roll out often. Hockey is as well as a state game of India where the players are making the game extend highland.

There is an Indian hockey player who has given insight to the game at international stage .

Check out more information all over the top Indian Hockey players in 2022.

1 Manpreet Singh

Manpreet Singh is one of the top-ranked players in the game. He is a part of the in favor Indian state hockey team. He plays the game as a Midfielder.

Manpreet is latest a part of the club Punjab Armed Police where he is from team India in the game.

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2. Harmanpreet Singh

Harmanpreet Singh is a popular and paid Indian hockey player. He marks his game in the position of guard . He is latest a part of the team India U21 and India.

There are many records of the name of the player. Bronze in 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Bronze in 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, Gold in 2017 Asia Cup Dhaka, Silver in 2016 winner Trophy London, 2018 winner Trophy Breda, and many more.

3. Gurjant Singh

Gurjant is an Indian field hockey player who marks his game as a Forward. He is latest a part of the team Dabang Mumbai.

Gurjant was a role of the Indian hockey band in the 2016 Men’s Hocket Junior World Cup, Lucknow, India.

There have been many tournaments he has been the winner for. A few name honors for the player are Bronze in 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Gold in 2017 Dhaka Asia Cup, Gold in 2018 Muscat Asian winner Trophy, Bronze in 2016-17 Bhubaneshwar Hockey World combine , and many more.

4. Rupinder Pal Singh

Rupinder is an Indian professional hockey player who marks his game in the position of Defender.

He is a role of the band Indian Overseas Bank and Delhi Waveriders. There are a great many medal records to the name of the player in the game.

A few to name his reaching are Bronze in 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Gold in 2014 Incheon, Bronze in 2018 Jakarta, Bronze in 2014-15 Raipur and 2016-17 Bhubaneswar, Silver in 2013 Ipoh, Gold in 2011 Ordos City and 2016 Kuantan.

5. PR Sreejesh

Parattu Ravendran Sreejesh is a well liked and paid Indian hockey player. He marks his game in the band in the place of goalkeeper where he is as well as a former captain of the Indian state Hockey Team.

The player has an need role in the 2020 Summer Olympics Men’s Field hockey tournament. He is as well as a champion of the FIH Player of the Year Awards 2020-21 for the best male goalkeeper.

6. Rani Rampal

Rani Rampal is a field hockey player and latest one of the best hockey players in India. She was the youngest player in the state band that total in the 2010 World Cup at 15. She total her education but could not secure a graduate degree due to method practice meeting and matches. On her team, she is a forward. She has scored 134 goals in 212 international arrival . Rani Rampal is as well as the captain of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team. She is as well as a striker who frequently doubles as a midfielder. CWG entry enthralls her. The Indian authority awarded her the Padma Shri in 2020.

7. Vandana Katariya

Vandana Katariya is an Indian field hockey player and named as best hockey player In  India’s state band , she is a forward. Vandana rose to attention in 2013 behind scoring five goals in the 2013 Women’s Hockey Junior World Cup, in and that India won a bronze medal. Kataria has look in almost 200 international matches with the senior state squad. She was a organ of the Indian team that won a bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games and total in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. 

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