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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Proximity Screenshot Capture APK


Proximity Screenshot Capture APK

Proximity Screenshot Capture is an clone app that found an simple and fast way to capture top  -resolve  screenshot with just a tap on vicinity  sensor. Not just videos, you can catch the screen in several apps such as games, wallpapers or any type of apps or videos. If you tired of pressing a power-volume key every time to take a screenshot then this app can help to catch /take a screenshot without press any button or key.

Main Features of Proximity Screenshot Capture
• simple -to-Use Operation and Clear cretin .
• Captures high-res screenshots just by tapping the proximity sensor of your phone.
• Once started, you can catch screenshots while using another apps.
• Captures high-res screenshots from video call, app or game.
• Can't take a screenshot when the device is not in use and screen is off.
• Can't take a screenshot while mobile in the pocket.
• Can't take a screenshot on on coming or outgoing call.
• Works ideally even on non-root gadget .
• better the best doing .
• Fast startup and fast reply !
• And should more

Permissions Notice
• External Storage: To save screenshot on storage
• Internet, Access network state: To show ads
• Read phone state: choice on coming or outgoing call
• Vibrate: For vibrate gadget  when seize screenshot

Please Note
• All the captured screenshots are hoard in ‘Pictures/Proximity-screenshots’ folder in Internal hairdo , so that you can view them with your favorite image reply or file heading .
• Screen capture demand user’s consent. So please choice ‘Start Now’ in the deviance window presented after opening the app.
• This app help clone 5.0 (Lolipop) or higher.

Proximity Screenshot Capture supply a fast and simple way to capture screenshots. This is the best screen capture tool in the world. Don’t miss the best screen capture widget for clone !  log in this app Free now!

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