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Wednesday, November 10, 2021


 The global car rental market is booming and expected to grow around $131 billion by 2026. The technological convenience is winning the frequent travelers and economically sane Gen Z population with online cab bookings and other service sectors like car rental app.

With the travel and tourism industry growing digitally, the online car rental apps and services are also expanding. If you are a car rental company looking for an online platform to provide more convenience to your customers then you are looking at the right opportunistic market.

The world is facing a variety of economic and health issues like COVID-19 pandemic. So, for an individual to stay safe and maintain social distancing along with the economic condition, needs such an online car sharing marketplace. Thus, this blog will enlighten you on some major car renting app developments that are ruling the genre along with some upcoming trends for the fleet managers or cab startups and entrepreneurs who are having a car rental app idea.

10 Best Car Rental Apps in 2021

Here is the list of best apps for renting a car in 2021 with their features and download links.

App NameFeaturesApp Store LinkPlay Store Link
  • Choose from a unique list of over 800 rental cars
  • Direct booking process of cars from the local hosts
  • AI chatbot integration for better communication between the parties on the occasion
  • The host can manage the vehicle and monitor the performance through this rental app
  • Go remote technology for local owners to earn more from the car sharing marketplace
App storePlay store
  • The quick and easy way for verification of renting or hosting a car
  • Users can book a car on an hourly as well as a daily basis
  • The host and rep can easily list down the number of share cars without any limit
  • The Getaround connect feature helps the host with keyless entry and enhanced security
  • The rental car users can locate and unlock the car with their phone
App storePlay store
  • Secure booking via the app without re-entering the traveler data and credit card information.
  • Filter your search according to destination, dates, and best flying time
  • Price forecast to know the airfare trends
  • The app navigates a user around the airport with step-by-step directions on the device
  • Share travel plans with friends and family members
App storePlay store
  • The users can book through check-in options their round trip cars
  • Organizing upcoming trip details in one place from car’s location to details on reservation changes
  • Unlock the car with the in-app unlocking feature
  • The app has more than one languages to communicate with users
  • Change or extend the car service on the go
App storePlay store
  • A user can have a look at his upcoming reservation details
  • It allows accessibility of receipts for expense tracking
  • Users can search parking slots through SpotHero
  • The previous car rentals service is also saved for faster booking and check-in options
  • Social media channel sign up like Facebook
App storePlay store
  • It allows everyone to narrow their search and filter vehicles and save rental details for future reservations from a review
  • 24/7 road assistance and consumer support service
  • Visit the favorite location and access the information whenever needed for the reservation
  • Earn and redeem points for free rental days
  • Fast signing through fingertip recognition technology
App storePlay store
  • Complete the car rental counter process in one go
  • Select from a wide range of premium cars, vans, and trucks
  • Download the digital key and unlock the Virtuo
  • Automatic transmission facility for better navigation
  • A user can add four friends as additional drivers for free
App storePlay store
  • Select location, age, date
  • Book a car and get a voucher through email
  • Choose from a wide range of cars
  • Compare prices before booking a car via check-in options
App storePlay store
  • Book the whole trip with just one app
  • Search and compare flight prices before booking it
  • Get the best deals on hotels, hostels, resorts, apartments with a proper comparison
  • Customize flight search (flight duration, departure-arrival time, travel class)
  • Select a car rental and pickup location
App storePlay store
  • A user can book trips and errands with car sharing marketplace feature without any limits of duration, drop-offs, destinations
  • It provides the filter for price, type of car, equipment, driver age
  • An individual can manage multiple profiles with a single login
  • View and manage upcoming reservations and also get an overview of the past reservations
  • Pre-schedule a rental car and pay via credit card easily and securely

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