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Thursday, October 21, 2021

how to build customer trust and loyalty

 A business can be established successfully if it’s built on a foundation of trust. No matter how good your products are (quality wise) or how promising services you provide to your customers, the one screening factor that will always repel your customers is the lack of trust.

Imagine a scenario: One day Mr. Pakau (an imaginary man) thinks of investing his money in opening up a new Laptop making company. He made a deal with all the companies that will provide internal hardware devices such as a processor, RAM, GPU, motherboard, sound card etc. for assembling. Everything went well and he came up with his own Laptop brand, say Pineapple. He spent a lot of money in advertising and business promotion. But unfortunately, his business failed. He tried to figure out the reasons why this dreadful tragedy happened to him. Turns out, his business strategy was overly tricky that made customers lose trust in his brand.

How to build customer trust and loyalty?

Mr. Pakau failed big time (our condolences), but at least we can learn from the mistakes he made. The 3 key components to building trust among customers are:

  • Neatness
  • Consistency
  • Transparency


Mr. Pakau’s business lacked neatness. Neatness here relates to one’s deeds. If you’re thinking of building a brand name by selling fake or duplicate products then you’re actually wrong. Mr. Pakau invested less money in the laptop’s body parts and promised customers that everything he has put into his laptop is 100% genuine. And here he got to taste the bitterness of lacking neatness.

Dirty acts in a business may earn you quick money. But over the time as the people get to know about any hidden game in your business, your dreams of a long-term business will start shattering. Customer satisfaction must be at the top of your priority list because, in the end, your brand’s reputation is all that matters.


Be consistent with whatever you do. That’s what makes your brand. No matter how weird or odd is the concept behind your business, your consistency will create its memorable image in customer’s mind.

For instance, Old Spice has created its badass image on Twitter by tweeting weird yet funny tweets. But that’s what people like.

Mr. Pakau was a genius. Once he realized his business is not generating the expected revenue, he gave up for a time period and went for a holiday. Well, if he was in hope to get his duties done by an invisible good spirit (that doesn’t exist in real) while he’s having fun in Hawaii, then he deserves an Oscar for that.


Transparency in business and customer affairs matters the most. The more people are aware of your business, the more they will likely to convert. Don’t keep any secrets or hidden conditions.

Express your business and its concept as it is. Public delusions are always bad for a business. Transparency will keep their minds to have such things or from spreading rumors.


Gaining trust is not a task that can be established overnight. All the well recognized and trusted brands of today once started from the STEP 0. Now just imagine how much time and patience is required to lay the foundation of faith (that also means brand loyalty) among the customer base.

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