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Monday, September 6, 2021

Gujarat Government Sarkari Yojanas 100 Application Form PDF in Gujarat 2021

 Gujarat Government Sarkari Yojanas 100 Application Form PDF in Gujarat 2021

Gujarat Government Sarkari Yojanas 100 Application Form PDF in Gujarat 2021
We have tried to give all the details about each and every Gujarat Government Scheme 2021. This page is going to be a good place to find all the Gujarat Government Yojana & Application PDF. So check this page often as we update it pretty often.

Gujarat Government Schemes and others. Hence, if you are a citizen of Gujarat state and want to get the benefits provided by the Gujarat state government, then you need to read this article completely.
Gujarat Sarkar ni Yojana in Gujarati is available here. Are you looking for Gujarat Govt Schemes Application PDF? then this is for you. As the government has taken many initiatives for the development of the state.
This PDF “Schemes of the state government” for the competitive examinations conducted by the Gujarat GSSSB very useful. All of which have the full potential to ask questions from our application in upcoming competitive exams.
This PDF “Gujarat Government’s Schemes” has studied the questions asked in the last three to four months and has tried to cover the schemes that can be asked in competitive exams to be useful to the examiners in the upcoming exams.

Gujarat Government Sarkari Yojanas 100 Application Form PDF in Gujarat 2021

Recognition of land tenure (legality) and application for allotment Download
Widow Assistance Application Form Download
Assistance for treatment of kidney/heart/cancer / liver disease Download
Sample of distribution application Download
Form of application for inheritance/inheritance claim Download
Sales / Will / Gift / Participant Claim / Survey Exchange Application Form Download
Form of Entry / Mortgage Entry Form Note Application Form Download
Specimen of application for filing a note on the right of discharge, mortgage release Download
Specimen of application for entry of note in the title deed/lack of rights of a minor Download
Village Level Neem / Application Form for Village Level Enhancement Download
Demand for the conversion of government land of government departments/offices Download
To refresh the stamp vendor license Download
Non-agricultural purpose of registered government land (excluding residential / industry) by registered organization / co-operative society / trust Download
MPKBY - Refresh small savings agency Download
Matter of demand of co-operative societies for the purpose of cultivating government land Download
N.S. C. - Refresh small savings agency Download
Demand for land for social forestry Download
Matter of renewing canteen certificate Download
Demand for land in Bhambra water / Fisheries Download
Matter of obtaining a license to play or keep a public dining area. Download
Demand for government fallow land for industrial purposes Download
Matter of obtaining a license to store toxic substances. Download
Matter of benefiting the capital as affected. Download
Demand for privately-owned government land for non-agricultural purposes Download
Matter of application for the inheritance of plot. Download
Demand for government-owned land for persons with disabilities for non-agricultural purposes Download
Matter of transfer in the name of plot sale right in the city area. Download
Demand for government land at concessional rates for accommodation to eligible government employees Download
Sample application for information Download
Demand for individual government land for the purpose of accommodation of ex-servicemen Download
Matter of obtaining / renewing learner's driving license. Download
Demand for the acquisition of government land for educational purposes Download
Matter of regulating the delay in construction on the plot allotted at concessional rates. Download
Matter of land for cremation Download
Need to get building construction loan from bank / LIC / other financial institution on the plot allotted at concessional rate Download
Matter of demand for extension of construction period on the plot allotted at concessional rates. Download
Matter of issuing registration certificate of free cell kerosene. Download
About leasing land for the salt industry Download
Solvent licensing matter. Download
Matter of issuing institutional kerosene permit. Download
Regarding the demand for permission to cut down trees under Panchayat Download
Matter of approving new Pandit Deendayal Consumer Store (Government approved to shop at a reasonable price). Download
Provision for obtaining permission for non-agricultural use of land (under section 4 of the Land Revenue Act) Download
Matter of issuing the organizational card. Download
Approval under section 3 of the Computation Act Download
Section-2 / AA of Ganotdhara and Saurashtra Gharkhed Ordinance-Section-2 And agricultural land (Kutch Vidarbha Vis Download
Matter of approval for transfer of land for agricultural/non-agricultural purposes under Section-3 of the Computation Act Download
Matter of giving block division wages under consolidation scheme Download
Matter of giving approval for certified industrial purpose as per Section-3 (b) of Land Revenue Act Download
Matter of collecting farmland Download
Matter of getting the example of being a farmer accountant Download
Matter of getting the example of being a small/marginal farmer Download
Matter of getting a license as a stamp vendor Download
Matter of renewing stamp vendor license Download
Participation changes in retail/wholesale/manufacturer and petroleum products (wholesale or retail) licenses Download
Regarding death assistance in case of natural calamity (a matter of payment of urban area assistance) Download
Matter of relocation in the licenses of retail/wholesale/manufacturer and petroleum products (wholesale or retail). Download
Agency of SMALL SAVINGS SCHEME NSC / KVP / Monthly Income Scheme Agency Download
Matter of licensing of retail-wholesale-producer and petroleum products (wholesale or retail). Download
Matter of meeting the agency of Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana (Recurring Deposit) Download
Matter of obtaining storage license under Petroleum Act 13. Download
Matter of obtaining Solvanshi certificate Download
Matter of obtaining 'No Objection Certificate' for Petroleum Storage Download
Dish antenna license Download
Matter of issuing OBC / Non Criminal Certificate Download
Matter of getting video cinema license Download
Matter of obtaining a certificate of religious and linguistic minority Download
Matter of obtaining socially and educationally backward class certificate Download
Matter of obtaining booking license for the event as per the rules made for public entertainment venues Download
Matter of obtaining a certificate for Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes Download
Matter of renewing liquor sales license Download
Matter of obtaining a certificate of residence (for enrollment in the employment exchange office only) Download
Matter of obtaining a temporary license for the sale of liquor Download
Regarding issuance of domicile certificate Download
Matter of disposing of applications for copy Download
Matter of obtaining a permanent license to sell liquor Download
Financial assistance scheme for the care of destitute elderly and destitute disabled Download
Matter of obtaining a license to manufacture a bar Download
The matter of getting help from a widow Download
Matter of renewing the license for crop protection Download
National Family Assistance Scheme (for Municipal Area) Download
Matter of selling a licensed weapon for self-defense Download
Matter of sanctioning Solesium Fund (Heat and Run) assistance Download
Matter of issuing inheritance certificate Download
Matter of entering the name as a retainer in weapon license for quality protection Download
Matter of getting widow and income certificate Download
Matter of issuing NOC for purchase of firearms in the license for quality protection Download
Matter of obtaining a firearms license for quality protection Download
Matter of extending/purchasing firearms in self-defense license Download
Matter of issuing Journey License in License for Self Defense Download
Matter of taking over weapon license for race protection Download
Matter of renewing the license for self-protection Download
Matter of obtaining a duplicate of a self-defense weapon license Download
Matter of revoking self-defense weapon license Download
Assistance from Hon'ble Chief Minister's Relief Fund for Reaching Kidney / Heart / Cancer Treatment / Operation Expenses Download
Matter of obtaining income certificate Download
Affidavit Download
Subscribe to Block Vibhajan Form 20 Download

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