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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Pratibhashali Student Award and Base Distribution Circular

Pratibhashali Student Award and Base Distribution Circular

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Download Circular : From Here
According to the above subject, in the exit test held during the last academic year, more than 80% marks were obtained in Std. 8 in major subjects (Gujarati, Mathematics, all around) and in Std. 6,7 in major subjects (Gujarati, Mathematics, Science) This year the students studying in Std. 6th to 8th of Government Primary School have been declared as “Talented Students” on 5th September 2018 and honored with a Base and Certificate. Honorable Secretary, Department of Education (Primary and Secondary).
According to which certificates and base will be provided from here. Further stating that

In this certificate school, taluka, district. Student's name, standard etc. details should be written accurately. Students will be given a list of names from here. This list will have to be verified and distributed from your level. If any change is noticed in this regard, it is requested to bring it to the notice of the office here. At the time of writing the percentage details, 80% in Std. 5 and 75% in Std. 6,7 should be given to the students only after writing the details in the certificate.

Send and receive a representative of the district in person from QE Cell, entire Education Office, Sector-17 Gandhinagar on 03/09/2020 from 12.00 noon to 5.00 pm to get the talented student certificate and base of your district. Is requested. तेभ त t. 04/09/2020 2% I 5 (5 Vito S2y5 to Rit) 5 to ensure that the base reaches the schools of our district and dt. Of 05/09/2020

Respect and respect students daily as per the guideline of cOVID + 19. Director, Primary Education

31.31, aielatoiel ua SHIS: yua / e-2 / isctol / 2020 / YoC1-813s L.27 / 08/2020. The coVID-19 Code of Conduct must be strictly enforced at the time of issuing this certificate. Maintain social distance, use masks and sanitizers. Report this to the relevant schools in our district.

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