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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Home Learning Online Video 07/09/2020

Primary,Secondary and Higher Secondary School Home Learning Online Video 07/09/2020

The time table of home learning for the month of September has been announced by the Government of Gujarat. Accordingly, daily home learning video for Std. 1 to 12 is posted here.

Subject wise videos are made by GCERT by expert teachers and delivered to the children on a daily basis.

Video is sent to children every day through DD Girnar channel, you tube video, pdf file.

Gujarat Primary and Secondary School Home Learning Video

September 2020
Std. 1 to12
Official Website
You tube, Diksha,
DD Girnar, PDF
Home learning videos are very useful for government primary school children to get home-based education.
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From the month of September onwards, online home learning videos will be posted daily for children of Std. 1 and Std. 2.

Watch Online Home Learning Video

Std.1 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.2 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.3 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.4 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.5 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.6 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.7 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.8 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.9 Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.10Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.11Home Learning Video Click Here
Std.12Home Learning Video Click Here

All children are requested to watch this video daily and study at home based on it. The unit test is also asked on this basis. Every parent is also requested to show this video to your child.

The education department has started a home learning video by the Gujarat government so that children can study at home. All types of children are taken care of by the education department. Lessons are shown at different times of the day on DD Girnar for children who have a home TV.

Home Learning Daily Video

For children who do not have a TV at home, a video link is sent to the mobile. Children get daily education based on youtube video. Apart from this, the same video is also posted through the Diksha application. Apart from this, daily PDF file is also sent. This pdf is made touchable. In which the video starts by clicking on the video button of that standard.

Thus adequate care is taken to ensure that no child is deprived of education. Gujarat state primary teachers also send daily pdf, video link to children. Whatsapp groups have been created for each child's standard. In which such videos are sent to the child every day.

So tell every teacher and parent of the child to join our whatsapp group and take advantage of daily learning. Also show your child daily videos.

Home Learning Online Video 07/09/2020

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