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Thursday, September 3, 2020

SSA Computer E Waste Rellated Letter

2011-12 Computer lab ma Aapel bandh Computer Parat aapva babat

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According to the above topic and context, the computer lab set up for computer aided learning in government primary schools under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan during the year 2011-12 is here to dispose of non-functioning computers and Ath Peripherals (E-Waste) as follows. ECS Environment Pvt. Ltd u5-52 uai is eaten

1. Desktop Computer, computer with dual displity (full set with CPU, minutes, keyboard, mouse)

2. 40" Display Monitor Tv
3 Nod (complete set with monitor, keyboard, mouse)

4. Dot matrix Printee

5. Network switch

6. Speaker

7. UPS
There is no need to make any payment from any level for picking up or collecting the above e-waste from the school level. According to the list attached with the Recycle Agency, the aforesaid e

After checking the waste and preparing its inventory, all non-working e-waste will be sent to the school,

Collected from the class is responsible for its disposal.

The Recycle Agency Inventory Report will be certified by the school principal / headmaster in two copies per school. Out of which one copy has to be submitted for school as well as one copy has to be submitted to the office here through recycle,

As per Gujarat Pollution Control Board Policy Rules, e-Waste (Management) Regulations, 2018 as well as other rules issued from time to time, the recycler should be responsible for filling, maintaining and submitting the required format and documents.

To collect e-waste from the recycling agency level and to update the standards of the office on a regular basis. Under which every day school wise dej u-da dol Bl uana aisfan szigj aul ailincia spreadsheeto medium details presented at every level Kashvi,

Which can also be monitored from the district / taluka level, for which the share able link is

Recycle Today, at the school level, the task of preparing inventory reports for non-functioning computers and other peripherals (e-twists) as well as collecting e-waste goes hand in hand.

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