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Monday, August 15, 2022

Digilocker on WhatsApp: How you can access Digilocker Services on WhatsApp?

 Digi locker on Whats-app: How you can access Digi locker Services on Whats-app?

Digi locker comes to Whats App: The citizens of India will be now be able to access Digi-locker kindness on Whats App between the My Gov Help desk. The Digi-locker kindness involve making and authenticating the account and as well as facilitate the downloading of important paper such as driving license, wheels registration document , PAN card, among others. A release announcing the Digi-locker kindness on Whats-app stated that the My-gov support desk on Whats-app is a great step to ensure that the governance and the authority kindness are at the fingertips of the citizens. The help-desk will be provider great kindness for citizen support and for ensuring efficient governance.

What is Digi-locker Service?

Digi-locker kindness is a flagship program of the Ministry of Electronics and details Technology and it comes under the Digital India Program of the Central authority . The objective of Digi-locker kindness is to supply digital better to the citizens. The kindness support in simple access to all the digital paper to the citizen’s digital document wallet.

Why Digi-locker service has been made available on Whats-app?

During the pandemic, Whats-app has played a significant role in offering kindness to the people by support them download the vaccination certificate. The Introduction of Digi-locker kindness on Whats-app is an extension of the administrative kindness to citizens for accessing essential documents simple .

Almost 100 million public are already record on Digi-locker kindness that better India to move toward digital better .

Digi-locker comes to Whats-app: List of documents that can be downloaded through Digi-locker on Whats-app

1. Pan Card

2. Driving License 3. CBSE Class X Passing Certificate 4. Vehicle Registration Certificate 5. Insurance Policy- Two Wheeler 6. Class X marksheet 7. Class XII Marksheet
8. Insurance Policy paper (Life and Non-Life available on Digi locker)

Digi locker on Whats App: How to access Digi locker service on Whats App?

Step 1: Users will be demand to send a message ‘Hi or Namaste or Digi-locker’ on the Whats-app digit 9013151515

Step 2: The user will be collected the paper to be downloaded from Digi-locker such as the driver’s license, PAN Card and the wheels registration certificate over Whats-app.

Step 3: In the last step, the paper will be saved on the Digi locker

My-gov Help desk on Whats-app

My Gov Help-desk on Whats-app as begin in March 2020 and it fast became a critical instrument in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. My-gov help-desk on Whats-app offered authentic coronavirus-related details , information all over vaccine centers, covid vaccine booking details and vaccine certificate downloads.

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Google Lens comes to Chrome: How to use Google Lens in Chrome browser to search image?

 Google Lens comes to Chrome: How to use Google Lens in Chrome browser to search image?

Google lens on Chrome: Google lens, the powerful photo recall software is becoming less difficult to use within the Chrome browser on the desktop. right now , if the user wants to use the lens on an image on a database , the Chrome browser opens a page of results in a new tab. thus , as Google Lens will be come to Chrome, the browser will be instead show the results in a panel to the right of a web page.

Google Lens has been long to hand on mobile, where it is ready via Google apps on iOS or the native camera app on some clone phones. thus , in 2021, Google Lens came to desktop via a Chrome browser where it can be accessed by right clicking on an image and then choice the ‘Search Image with Google Lens’.

Google Lens: What is it designed for?

Google Lens, the search giant’s power image recognition software, is designed to be able to identify everything from animals and buildings to plants, clothes, and works of art. Google lens is the more visual way of finding the details that the user is seeking online.

As Google Lens holds a lot of promise, Google making it more ready on desktop can permit its potential to emerge.
Google Lens in Chrome on desktop: How does it work

Google Lens was first begin to Chrome or laptops and desktops and if you went to use it on an image on a database , the browser will be open a page of results in a new tab.

In May 2022, Google has updated the quality so that it will be instead show the results in a more modern looking panel that opens to the right of the page/photo that the user is viewing.
Google Lens comes to Chrome: How to use it in Chrome on Desktop?

Google Lens can teach more all over any image on the internet. It has been to hand in Mobile phones and in 2021 it came to the laptops and desktop where the users can use it between chrome browsers. It can be obtain by right clicking on any online photo and then choice the ‘Search Image with Google Lens’.

thus , Google must be set as the default search engine and the latest many of chrome must be updated.

Step 1: Open a page in Chrome

Step 2: Right click on an photo

Step 3: select search photo with google lens in the menu

Step 4: Search results showing on the right side of your screen

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

COVID 19 Vaccine for Animals: India's first COVID-19 vaccine for animals 'Anocovax' launched

 COVID 19 Vaccine for Animals: India's first COVID-19 vaccine for animals 'Anocovax' launched

Anocovax Covid-19 Vaccine for Animals: India's first indigenously growth COVID-19 vaccine for animals, Anocovax, was launched by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on June 9, 2022. 

The Covid-19 vaccine for animals redness both Delta and Omicron from . It is safe for dogs, lions, leopards, mice and rabbits.

Anocovax has been making by the ICAR-state Research Centre on Equines (NRCE) in Haryana. 

Union Min Narendra Singh Tomar begin Anocovax, a Covid-19 vaccine for animals y'day, June 9

It's growth by the ICAR-NRC Equines. It neutralizes both Delta and Omicron Variants. It is safe for dogs, lions, leopards, mice & rabbits: Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

What is Anocovax?

Anocovax is India's first COVID-19 vaccine for animals, for most pets like dogs. It hold sleepy SARS-CoV-2 (Delta) antigen and uses Alhydrogel as an adjuvant.

Anocovax Covid-19 vaccine is safe for which animals?

Anocovax is safe for dogs, leopards, lions, mice and rabbits. 

Is Anocovax COVID-19 vaccine for animals effective?

The COVID-19 vaccine for animals, Anocovax, is effective and capable of neutralising both Delta and Omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2.

Antibody Detection Kits for Animals

  • The Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar as well as begin 'CAN-CoV-2 ELISA kit', an antibody detection kit against SARS-CoV-2 for animals. 
  • It is a sensitive and specific nucleocapsid protein-based indirect ELISA kit.
  • The antibody noticing kit has as well as been indigenously growth in India and a patent has been filed for it.


Several studies have disclose that pets can contract COVDI-19 across close contact with other public , for most their owners. There is between no evidence of a pet infecting any owner with COVID-19.

Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said behind the virtual begin of the COVID-19 vaccine and antibody noting kit that it is due to the untiring offering of scientists that the nation stands self-reliant in growth its own vaccines more rather than importing. 

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Friday, August 12, 2022

What is Disease X and why health experts in UK are warning against it?

 What is Disease X and why health experts in UK are warning against it?

Disease X Symptoms: With a string of infectious diseases hitting the United Kingdom in the last 6 months, the UK fitness experts have warned of the possibility of a new pandemic called ‘Disease X’. The experts, while warning about Disease X in the UK, have as well as asked the authority to strengthen its editing against the future unknown pandemic. The alarm against Disease X was raised in light of the recent increase in Monkeypox cases in the UK. The nation has been battling the Monkeypox Menace with 910 confirmed cases till June 23, 2022. Out of these cases, 873 have been detected in England, 26 in Scotland, eight in Wales, and three in Northern Ireland.

What is Disease X?

As per the World fitness Organisation, “Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen and that is latest unknown to cause human disease.”

The organization came up with the term Disease X three years ago to explain a hypothetical, not-known-yet pathogen that could cause an epidemic in the future. In short, the X in ‘Disease X’ stands for all over that is unknown.

Disease X UK: What led the UK health experts to warn against it?

Britain has faced a series of fitness emergencies in the last six months and as per the fitness master , something is on the horizon. The warning by the UK fitness experts comes in the wake of:

1. Poliovirus was detected in the sewage samples in London last week for the first time in 40 years. The Polio outbreak was declared a national incident and parents were told to ensure their kinds were vaccinated.

2. ahead this, a strain of H5 Bird Flu was found in a human in January 2022, and there were three cases of Lassa fever, one of them fatal, in February in the UK. 3. In March 2022, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever arrived in England behind a woman returned to the UK from Central Asia. 4. The month of May saw a major addition to this string of infectious diseases, with the first case of Monkeypox being reported in the nation . It has since spread and closely 800 cases have been recorded so far.
Disease X UK: Warning by the experts

As per the Medical Experts in the UK, we are living through a new pandemic era and Disease X could be just around the corner. Professor Mark Woolhouse of the infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh has said that the early 21st century had been a perfect storm for the emerging infectious diseases and everything has been pointing toward the likelihood of more outbreaks.

As per the UK experts, Britain could see Influenza and measles among the next diseases to surge, between the arrival of the next Disease X is almost impossible to predict.

Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, who helped discover the Ebola Virus in 1976, has as well as warned of more zoonotic diseases, or those that jump from animals to humans, could arise. The WHO Director-General had earlier said that the UN fitness company had growth research roadmaps, target product profiles, and trial designs for evaluating the tools for a set of priority diseases, including two Coronaviruses and an unidentified disease called ‘Disease X’.
Disease X UK: What can be done to prevent it?

As per the fitness experts, to avoid another unknown pandemic outbreak, we do demand to pay attention, maintain surveillance complex and further strengthen the pandemic preparedness, because in the grand scheme of things COVID-19 was not as bad as it potentially could have been.

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What is Face Blindness Disorder that Brad Pitt claims to have?

 What is Face Blindness Disorder that Brad Pitt claims to have?

What is face blindness disorder? Brad Pitt recently disclose that he thinks he has a rare face blindness disorder called prosopagnosia. The face blindness jumble means that one cannot recognise public faces. Pitt had first spoken all over the chance of having prosopagnosia face blindness in 2013.

The 58-year-old actor said newly that he thinks he has face blindness disorder but no one trust him. He is yet to be properly diagnosed with the disease. He said that he worries all over look aloof, remote and inaccessible and self absorbed while struggling to recognise faces of public .

He had said in an interview newly that he wants to meet another person with the same state . "So many more public hate me because they think I'm disrespecting them. Every now and then, someone will be supply me context, and I'll say, 'Thank you for helping me,'" said the actor in his interview.

Pitt further said that he tried copping to his struggles, but facial quality are a mystery to him. He expound saying, "I can't grasp a face, and yet I come from such a design/aesthetic point of view. I am going to get it tested. That's why I stay at home."
What is Prosopagnosia face blindness?

Prosopagnosia is a face blindness disorder, and that means that one cannot recognise public faces. The disorder normally affects public from birth and usually stays with the person for most of their life.

Is face blindness common?

No, face blindness is a rare jumble that can have a severe impact on everyday life of the person.

The researchers have found proof that prosopagnosia, and that was once between to be exceedingly rare, may affect up to 2 percent of the people .

What are the symptoms of face blindness?

  • Inability to recognise familiar faces
  • Inability to describe faces
  • doubt regarding movie plots or plays
  • Disoriented feeling

What causes face blindness?

There are two types of face blindness-

Developmental prosopagnosia – The face blindness where the person does not have any brain harmful . This normally work on public from birth.

Acquired prosopagnosia – The face blindness jumble that a person growth behind brain damage, following a stroke or head injury.

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Lok Sabha Passes Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 - All You Need to Know

Lok Sabha Passes Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 - All You Need to Know

Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022:

 Lok Sabha on 8th August 2022 passed the Energy Conservation Amendment Bill 2022. The bill is aimed at shorten the use of fossil fuel-based energy and promoting the use of non-fossil sources of energy. The Bill will be permit the central authority to use non-fossil energy sources involve Green Hydrogen and Biomass Ethanol as sources of fuel to meet the energy demand of the nation .

The bill was begin in the lower house of the Parliament by Union Power Minister K Singh. While seeking the help of organ of the House, Power Minister hailed theEnergy Conservation Amendment Bill as "the bill for the future.” The amendments being proposed in the bill are ask to strengthen India’s commitment towards climate change. Following these remarks, Lok Sabha passed the Bill, and rejected some amendments proposed by the enmity .  

What are the Key Objectives of Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022?

The key objective of the Energy upkeep (Amendment) Bill 2022 is to abate the nation fossil fuel power consumption. The secondary objective is to growth India’s Carbon market to enable trade and boost the adoption of clean technology and better in power planning . 
Key Provisions of Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022

The key provisions of theEnergy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 enable the central authority  to specify norms and standards of energy efficiency. between the bill, the central authority  has setup the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). In addition to this, the bill as well as allow the authority  to issue energy savings certificates and penalize consumers who utilize more than   energy. The bill will be enable the authority  to penalize violations by industrial units or vessels, and making if a wheels fails to agency with fuel consumption norms. 

The key changes that have been added to the Energy keep (Amendment) Bill 2022 and that  was passed by Lok Sabha involve :

Mandate use of non-fossil sources, including Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia, Biomass and Ethanol for energy and feedstock
Setup Carbon Markets in India and set rules and provisions for Carbon Trading projects 
Expand the coverage of the Energy Conservation Regime to Large Residential Buildings 
Empower State authority to enforce lower load thresholds
Define scope Prescribe Consumption level for Energy Conservation Building Code  
Define energy consumption level for wheels and vessels
Manage and expand the membership of BEE Governing Council
permit State Electricity Regulatory Commissions for smooth discharge of its functions  
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Thursday, August 4, 2022

9 Ways Putting Yogurt on Your Face Could Provide Sweet Skin Benefits

 9 Ways Putting Yogurt on Your Face Could Provide Sweet Skin Benefits

From thick, luxurious Greek yogurt to bottles of silky drinking yogurt and everything in between. It seems a lot of folks love yogurt in some form — fro yo, anyone?

This fermented dairy effects is super nutritious, as it’s packed with protein, probiotics, and bone-building calcium. Plus, it’s versatile. Not only can you use yogurt in sweet recipes, but it can as well as star in dips, marinades, bread, condiments, and curries.

But what all over other uses? Advocates of yogurt claim it normally has fitness and beauty comfort for your skin as well. The supposed comfort of a yogurt face mask Skin care masks are a great and cheap way to look and feel better. If your skin feels drier than a shedding lizard, a yogurt face mask may support boost your skin’s moisture balance and better its texture. But what are the other perks? Here are a few potential comfort of using a yogurt face mask.
1. Moisturizes

Yogurt is a rich source of protein and fats, hence its delightfully silky texture. In a 2011 study looking at yogurt face masks, researchers performed test-tube studies of yogurt’s biological activity and applied yogurt to the member ’ faces. They found that yogurt may reduce water loss from the skin. In other words, it locks in moisture.

2. Brightens

In the same flagship study from 2011, the results also showed that yogurt might brighten the skin. even so the authors do not state how they measured this purported boost in radiance.

3. Increases elasticity

Yogurt face masks seem to be a triple threat, as again seen in the 2011 study, the authors noted that yogurt improves skin’s give .

Skin naturally loses collagen as you age, leading to a loss of give . Collagen is the primary structural protein of the skin, and it acts like scaffolding to supply volume, keeping your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Using a yogurt face mask may help support this elasticity, keeping you looking fine.

4. Combats acne

If you opt for natural yogurt, it’s a rich source of probiotics. These support bacteria may combat Propionibacterium acnes, the naughty bacteria that leads to painful, inflamed acne lesions.

In a 2015 research review, the authors noted that yogurt probiotics could support manage acne by killing acne-causing bacteria, abate redness , and helping skin maintain a safety barrier.
Using a probiotic called Streptococcus thermophiles, a component of yogurt on the skin, expand ceramide production. These long-chain fatty acids trapped moisture in the skin and blasted away P. acnes. In fact, the authors noted that applying ceramides called phytosphingosine abate acne pustules by 89 percent in some research.

5. Treats skin infections

As the 2015 research review reported, it seems that yogurt has antimicrobial goods , meaning it may be able to banish harmful bacteria. In addition, seeing as it can support with the nasty bacteria that causes acne, it may support ease other skin infections as well.

even so , if your skin is infected or broken, it’s best to review with your health professional first to see if using a yogurt face mask is in fact a good idea.

6. Eases inflammatory skin conditions

as well as noted in the 2015 research review, yogurt may support ease acne inflammation. then , it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine it could support with other inflammatory skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, eczema, and rosacea. The skin conditions damage the skin’s protective barrier, and yogurt may step in to better the situation.

7. UV ray protection

The 2015 research review as well as advice that yogurt could abate the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

UV light inspire the creation of free radicals, and that are unstable molecules that rampage around, causing damage. even so , it seems that the probiotics in yogurt and their metabolites act as antioxidants, neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals.

Yogurt may support create a protective yogurty shield over your skin that protects against free radicals and abate the risk of sun damage and the resulting marks, spots, lines, and wrinkles.
8. Reduces the signs of skin aging

Protecting against UV rays and helping skin’s elasticity naturally connects to abate the signs of skin aging.

The 2015 research review noted that the probiotics in yogurt might work to restore fitness skin pH. fitness skin has a slightly acidic pH of around 4.2 to 5.6, and that support prevent nasty bacteria from making their home on your skin and encourages a moisture-rich climate . even so , as public age, skin pH rises, and that stimulates protease or protein-eating enzymes, and that damage skin’s fitness . A yogurt face mask may support keep this action in check.

9. Evens skin tone

Tons of peeps have uneven skin tones, as in blotchy, patchy, hyperpigmented, red or mark areas. But don’t worry, as the 2015 research review advice , yogurt and its lineup of probiotics may support even things out.

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